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VAGdashCAN V5.29 has the following functions for VW / SEAT /SKODA:
recalibrate or correct the odometer
add keys to the car even though you don’t have all existing keys available
do key adaptation without 5 minutes delay on new keys
read out the login / secret key code (SKC)
write the vehicle identification number and the immobiliser number
download and store the entire immobiliser block decrypted
clone instrument clusters by writing the immobiliser block from a file
read out trouble codes of CAN-ECU´s and erase them

Vag dash can v5.29

Please press this button in order to read out the VDO instrument clusters of the last generation.

An example is the Golf Mark V from 2003 up to 06.2006.

Some SEAT and SKODA models are equipped with clusters of that type until MY 2009.


Please press this button in order to read out Passat B6.

In those cars you cannot get immobiliser information from the instrument clusters, since the immobiliser unit is part of the convenience module.


Please press this button in order to read out AUDI A3 instrument clusters of the brand VDO.


Please press this button in order to read out AUDI A4 instrument clusters BOSCH RB4.


Please press this button in order to read out Phaeton and Touareg instrument clusters BOSCH RB4.


Diesel Control units are very often used since 1999. Those units cover up most of the diesel vehicles at VAG.

SEAT and SKODA equipped their cars some years longer with ecu´s of that kind.


Those Diesel Control units are built into cars since 2002. They are the most frequently use ECUs in Diesel Cars of the latest generation.

ME7.* /MED 9.5  

The engine ecu type BOSCH ME7.* was used in petrol cars such as Golf IV or Audi TT. You can read out following types of ecu´s: ME7.5, ME7.1, ME7.5.1, ME7.1.1.

The ecu ME7.1.1 of the Golf V is not implemented yet.


When you click on this button, you reach the EEprom adaption channels of the BOSCH ME7.* engine control unit.

Those are for example the SEL scaling and the idle speed offset.


When you click on this button you can read out the login code from the single standing Immobiliser units. Whit boxes from Audi A4 with 12pin connector and boxes from LT. As well you can read out boxes from 1994-1998, but only when an adapted key is inserted into the lock.

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CD (Posted on 2013-02-20)
hi! good day ineed the machine you can invoice me. best regards aslcides


Hello, do you mean sending the payment request to you?

Best regards

Timothy (Posted on 2012-07-14)
Hello, how much will it cost including shipping to my location Lusaka, Zambia? thx


Dear Timothy,

Hello, so glad for your visiting, the cost&freight to Zambia is $228.24 via DHL, you'll got our product within 3-7 days, hope this would do helpful for you.

Best regards

Carson (Posted on 2012-07-01)
Hello, could you provide newest or later version of the software? thx for your reply.


Dear Carson,

Hello, we could only provide software v5.17, we'll send you update program later through internet, you may download it from our website, thank you.

Best regards

Edward (Posted on 2011-12-07)
Nice product, works wonderful, thank you.
Tay C W (Posted on 2011-08-22)
Dear Person Incharge, I would like to check the above mention product is origin from which country? Best Regards, Tay C W

Reply:Dear Tay C W Thank you for your enquiry about our product. The product you mentioned VAG DASH CAN V5.17 was made in ShenZhen China.If you have any other questin,please feel free to contact us. Best regards

Christopher (Posted on 2011-05-18)
Nice product, excellent mail service, thx.

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Hello, there are problems with the import from vag dash can by Germany? they also sell only the interface without software, if so, how much is it? jumpi40
January 3, 2014
If you ship via post,no problem.. Of course we can provide only device. Best Regards Xcar360

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