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VAG CAN PRO PROFESSIONAL VCP Diagnostic and coding tool for VW Audi Seat and Skoda

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VAG CAN PRO designed for programming and performing diagnostics of electronic components in VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda models manufactured between 1990 and 2016


This tool can diagnose and coding Volkswagen Audi Seat and Skoda

Easy to use! Repair or Diy your car , save many money!

Language: English, Czech, Danish, German, Hrvatski, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Spanish


This one don't support online function and online update

You can download software here



Project started in 2008, continously updated
Unique Guided functions OCF (OneClickFunction)
First in the world 3rd party cheap flasher for VW
First in the world 3rd party cheap flasher supporting UDS
First in the world ESP MK60EC1 offline coding solution
First in the world 3rd party cheap Diagnose tool supporting fully MQB (Golf VII, Octavia III). Support since 01.2013
First in the world 3rd party cheap Diagnose tool supporting Parameter (ZDC) upload
First in the world VIM solution for Discover Pro and MMI-MQB


The VCP - VAG CAN Professional Interface was developed For   VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda . With this, you are able to carry out coding adjustments on all vehicles of the VAG Group (Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda).

The special feature of the VCP interface is the possibility of EEPROM flashing. With the interface, you can activate the VIM (TV / DVD picture switching during the journey - video in motion) for example in the new VW Golf 7 or the Audi A3 8V.

ther useful features:

OCF (One Click Functions) including automated ZDC container parameterization

Brief description: The one - click function of the VAG CAN Professional software enables you to perform guided unlocking of various vehicle functions. Therefore, you do not have to directly adjust defined bits and bytes in the respective control unit against handling with VCDS; this will be done by the one-click function for you.

Special features: As described above, the VCP software is a pioneer in VIM (video-in-motion) freezes (adjustment / disconnection of the speed threshold for turning off the TV / DVD / video image on the navigation or radio screen) of MQB platform-based vehicles (Golf 7, Audi A3 8V, Seat Leon 5F, Skoda Octavia III 5E).

The one - click function makes it possible to unblock the video image function of the vehicle mentioned above via ZDC container files.

ECU Flasher

With the ECU (control unit) Flasher you can import original .sgo - Flashfiles with all supported vehicles. Thus, you are able to supply your vehicle and the correspondingly installed control units with the current firmware. As of Release 3.7.9, the Multi Flasher is now available. This allows several control units to be processed sequentially. For further information, please refer to the release notes. The following formats are now compatible with Release 3.8.0: .odx .frf.

In addition, .bin files for the EDC16 Flash option are possible:

2MB at EDC16U3
1MB at EDC16U1

EEPROM Read / Write

VAG CAN Professional provides access to the EEPROM for supported controllers. This can be read and written. If functions which can be adapted by the manufacturer only in the EEPROM, this can also be done with VCP. The so-called chip tuning is thus also possible with all supported engine control units by VCP since the adjustments are made exclusively in the EEPROM. There is, of course, a lot of additional special functions for each control unit which are only available in the EEPROM. For example, in the case of Golf 6, the acknowledgment of the central locking system via the external flashers and the direction indicators in the side mirrors can only be deactivated completely in the EEPROM

PR Coding

Every new generation of VAG cars is more complicated than their predecessors. With the PRCoding (Equipment coding) tool, which is also integrated in VCP, you can easily activate new functions without having to perform extensive coding / parameterization of the corresponding control units. For example, if you retrofit a GRA (speed control system), the new equipment can be added to the existing equipment coding via the PRCoding tool, thus the entire coding of the vehicle can be calculated and applied automatically. In the case of new MQB vehicles, for example, the fatigue detection can be subsequently activated, the necessary coding adjustments can be carried out simply by means of the PRCoding functionality when the sound system is converted or the halogen / xenon headlights are replaced by the full LED headlights.

WABCO Programmer

The WABCO programming addon is a configuration tool for Audi Adaptive Air Suspension (AAS). By means of adaptations in the EEPROM, it is possible to make extensive customization possibilities for the user. Among other things, the chassis height can be set directly as a distance value (+/-) without complicated start-up via the basic setting. Adaptability as well as at which speeds which chassis adjustment should be carried out and / or in which driving modes the desired suspension height is desired (sport, normal, lift)

Login Finder

Since some vehicle-specific coding adjustments require so-called log codes or access rights, you can use the Logfinder tool integrated in the VCP to find and display available log codes for the selected control unit.

menu languages

The following menu languages are available for VCP: German, English, Italian, Dutch, Spanish

The basic VCP Interface is designed for CAN main diagnostics and works with:


Crafter (engine, immo)
Caddy model 2K 2005-
Gol (Brasil)
Voyage (Brasil)
Saveiro (Brasil)
Golf V model 1K
Golf VI model 5K
Golf VII 5Q
Golf Plus
Jetta II model 1K
Transporter / Multivan
Multivan/Transporter GP model 7E (UDS) 2009-
Passat B6 model 3C 2005-

Passat CC
Phaeton GP 2007-
Polo model 6R 2009-
Scirocco III
Touareg GP 2007-
UP !


A1 8X 2011-
A3 8P 2003-
A3 8V MQB 2012-
A4 model 8E B7 (engine, gear-box, airbag, ABS, park assistance) 2005-
A4 model 8K B8 (UDS + TP2.0) 2008-
A5 model 8K (UDS) 2007-
A6 model 4F 2004-
A6 model 4G 2011-
A8 model 4E 2003-
A8 model 4H 2010-
Q3 (UDS) 2010-
Q5 (UDS) 2008-
Q7 (TP2.0 + UDS) 2006-
S5 model 8K
(R)S6 model 4F
R8 (UDS)
TT model 8J 2007-


Sprinter (VW Crafter) - (engine, immo)


Ibiza 6P (TP1.6+TP2.0)
Altea 5P 2005-
Leon 1P 2005-
Leon 5F 2013-
Toledo 5P 2004-
Toledo III 2013-
Exeo 2008-
Mii 2011-


Octavia 1Z 2004-
Octavia 5E (MQB) 2012-
Superb II B6 2008-
Superb II Facelift 2013-
Fabia model 5J 2007-
Yeti 2009-
Citigo 2011-

The expanded version VAG CAN PROFESSIONAL+K line Interface  

K-line ( KWP1281, TP/KWP2000):


VW Passat 3B
VW Bora
VW Transporter T5
VW New Beetle

Audi A2,A3,A4,A6 K-Line


Seat Leon I
Seat Toledo II
Seat Alhambra
Seat Ibiza II, III, IV


Skoda Octavia I
Skoda Fabia i i II

Audi Comments:

1. A4 model 8E version B6

This model has a CAN bus-bar (TP1.6), but it is NOT connected with the diagnostics socket. The A4 model 8E version B6 can be fully diagnosed through dual K line (needs VCP+K ) using protocols KWP2000 and KWP1281.

2. A4 Model 8E, version B7 & Seat EXEO

This model has a CAN bus-bar (TP2.0). However, there is only a so called “CAN-Antrieb” connected with the diagnostics socket, which covers the engine, gear box, airbag, ABS, and Quattro drive. Additionally, it uses a dual K line. In other words, VCP fully supports diagnosis of B7 model but ONLY in the range of CAN-Antrieb (engine, gear box, airbag, abs, Quattro drive). All other drivers are available through K line (protocols KWP2000 i KWP1281) Simply, VCP + K line is needed.

Legible and clear diagnostics software, high quality hardware in the form of a USB interface, and reliable technical support given by the same group of highly skilled engineers who developed the project are the main advantages of our products.

Our specially designed program Activator downloads updates from the internet and makes installation as well as usage of the latest updates fast and easy.

Our programs are systematically enriched by guided diagnostic functions (one-click procedures) based on our own professional experience.

Users can simply conduct complicated service activities without needing additional time to browse through technical documentation. Descriptions of current procedures and accompanying conditions in which they must be carried out are displayed on the screen every time

Computer Requirements:

Processor: 700 Mhz or faster,
256Mb RAM,
Windows XP or Vista,7,8
1 USB ports available.

Package contents:

1 x VAG CAN Pro Interface (option+K),
software download link


Q;:Is the VAG CAN PRO a full version?
A: yes, it’s VAG CAN full kit.

Q: Does clone vag can supports coding and programming?
A: definitely yes. The VAG CAN PRO at obd2cartool can do offline coding and programming as the original.
Moreover, the clone doesn’t need engineer codes for coding or programming, while the genuine needs it.

Q: Does it support UDS protocol?
A: yes. It supports CAN BUS, UDS, K-line.

Q: Any difference between VCP, ODIS?
A: VCP is best for parametring and quick eeprom read; runs fast.
ODIS 3.0.3 is best for flashing; kind of slow when diagnose.


Q: Why there no usb dogle on package ?

A: New version dont need USB dogle ,we have add file on CD Software,just copy all folder to your PC C: will work.

More functions

The VAG CAN PRO System is systematically developed with One-Click-Functions added. The objective is to simplify and automate more complicated service operations. With just a few clicks, and without needing to search information from technical service documentation, users are able to conduct useful procedures easily and quickly.



Clearing inspection message
Activation of cruise control
Deactivating passenger airbag
Opening,closing electric handbrake
DPF emergency regeneration(1.4,1.9,2.0,2.5 TDI PD)
DPF emergency regeneration (3.0 TDI)
Throttle adaptation - Otto engines with Drive-By-Wire
Injector coding 2.7/3.0 TDI Common Rail
Change units in instrument cluster
Change language in instrument cluster
Bluetooth activation Audi Q7/A6 model 4F
Basic setting of Xenon range controller
Calibration of G85 sensor
Erasing / programming remote controllers
Enable / disable Nordic mode (Low beam as Daylight running lights)
Test FireUp of Webasto (PQ35 - Caddy/Touran/Golf/Tiguan/Passat)
FillingUp Brake system (MK60/70 - Golf V / Passat / Altea / Leon)
Turning on Pre-Fuel pump (eg. for bleeding)
Enable / diable automatic door-lock
Xenon-lights coding (with and w/o shutter)
Enable / disable seatbelts warning light
Recalibrating T3 DPF - sensor
Enable / Disable "SystemTest" for ABS/ESP
Tires pressure sensors coding (Passat B6/ Passat CC/ Jetta)
Battery coding for battery manager
Key coding for IMMO IV (PQ35 / 46)
Unlocking of blocked Webasto
Disable APS-function of Front wisher
Calibration of ESP acceleration sensor G200
Calibration of ESP pressure sensor G201
Change microphone gain in Nokia Handsfree set
Calibration of ESP acceleration sensor G251
Setting brake pad tickness - Audi A8
Activating convenience automatic window opening
Activating automatic side mirror flipping
Activating Coming-Home / Leaving home functions
DPF Adaptation after replacement 2.0/2.7/3.0 TDi / VW Crafter
DPF Checking 2.0TDi / 2.7-3.0TDi
Activating graphical Park assistant Audi A6/Q7
Injectors checking 3.0/2.7 TDI
Unlocking Eject button in MMI DVD Drive
Coding MMI Device List
Activating/Deactivating tire pressure monitoring Audi A6 model 4F
Pump-jet checking 1.9/2.0 TDI
Recoding ABS/ESP variant (USA/EU)
Adaptation new engine ECU for IMMO3 systems
DPF Emergency regeneration VW Crafter, engines CExx, BJx
ESP sensor calibration G200,G202,G251 in cars newer than 06.2007
Adaptation of turbocharger in 2.7/3.0TDi engines
Setting up service interval display
Acceleration measuring
Recoding of door electronics variant (LHD/RHD)
Adaptation ESP ECU for DSG Gearbox in Audi A3 8P MJ2006
Activation/deactivation MMI hidden service menu
Adaptation of flap motors in 3.0/2.7 TDi engines
Reading milleage from EDC15
Testing Mass air flow meter G70 in TDI engines
DPF emergency regeneration in BLE engines - Touareg 5.0 TDI
Setting up PWM value for front LED daylight running lights - Audi A6 2009
Setting up idle speed in Gasoline/TDI engines
Unlocking TV function in MMI 2G/3G Systems
Upload data from ZDC-Container
Function check of EPB
Activation of service menu in RNS510 Navigation system
Activation of DRL using fog lights in BCM system
Instruments recode for Audi A6/Q7 MY2009 from US-Units to EU-units
Recode of TV -Tuner from US Specs to EU in Audi A8/A6/A4 8K
Chiptuning test

 vag can pro vcp

 vag can pro vcp

 vag can pro vcp

vag can pro vcp

vag can pro vcp

vag can pro vcp

vag can pro vcp

vag can pro vcp

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Skype: uuc050

How To Buy Our Products

 if without dongle please use vag can pro software here, after install copy the VCP crack files to install folder



Product Reviews

Name Rating Review
Abeat (Posted on 2017-07-08)
The product works fine but I haven't tested all the arrived relatively fast and the seller was very communicative and interested that the product will be shipped to me in safe conditions.
HpsAUTO (Posted on 2017-07-08)
Works great. More or less like VCDS, just some minor diferences. The coding is almost the same. Tried on my audi s5 and most of the codes worked. The seller is quick in answering all questions. Overall satisfied with the price/quality ratio.
huskvarn (Posted on 2017-07-08)
Excellent device. Connects quickly, without excess hemorrhoids with activation-registration software. Reads most of the blocks (Golf plus), but not all. And maybe not until the end still figured out. In any case,it is a good device in this price!!
Geaol (Posted on 2017-07-05)
Very good! Easy install to use! i can coding my golf myself now!
Jahn (Posted on 2017-07-04)
Nachdem 8 VW Fachwerkstätten mir bei der Programierung meines Radios nocht weiterhelfen konnten, - "den AUX Eingang am Radio freischalten, dass geht nicht!!!!!", habe ich mir den Adapter bestellt - angekommen, Software Installiert, mit dem Rechner in`s Auto - keine drei Minuten später war der AUX Eingang am Radio freigeschaltet. Nun habe ich keine kostengünstige Freisprecheinrichtung im Auto ;-) und kann Musik per Bluetooth an mein kleines VW Schrabbelradios senden. Fazit für mich >> die WV Jungs hinken was Elektronik angeht mächtig hinterher. SELBST ist der MANN (oder die FRAU) Auch das nervige Anschnallwarnsignal habe ich gleich rausprogramiert.
kiunm (Posted on 2017-06-08)
Tested and working ok. Thank you!
nicol (Posted on 2017-04-08)
Very good. Same as vcds, just added a few slave functions. If the software from the kit does not work need key . You should download from the page!
jfiljak (Posted on 2016-09-22)
The device is excellent but lacks enough information to encode, can not or do not know Adaptation of turbocharger in 2.7/3.0TDi engines. greeting
Luka (Posted on 2016-09-19)
good tool

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Dear friends, Can this product obtain the PIN code of a 2011 seat leon ?
July 28, 2016
Sorry it didn't have this function
hello, is it the can+k edition? wich version of vcp ist it? thx
July 31, 2016
yes, VAG CAN PROFESSIONAL+K line 5.51 version
This cable has Blocking Problems
August 14, 2016
no blocking problem now
August 16, 2016
YES WORKS Sorry it not VCDS interface it can't use VCDS
It has all the functions and cababilities of vcds ?
August 16, 2016
Hi,friend Almost and easier to oprate
whether it can update software
October 25, 2016
Sorry friend it can't update
Can I use this software with internet connected or I must deactivate the internet ?
December 2, 2016
sorry you only can use it offline
Hello friend, i can not connect the tool to the car, there is error in connection. How can I install it? I have Win 7 x64 so I just open vcp *rar and updat driver not? Thank you
December 10, 2016
hi,friend please try on win7 32
Hi guys, Could this cable to read and write the eeprom on q5 2014? Thanks
December 13, 2016
yes, support
Is this cable compatible with a 2016 VW Passat B8?
January 4, 2017
Yes, friend it support

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