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Universal Dash Programmer tacho pro 2008

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Version: July, 2008

Tacho Universal is the most sold programming-device for digital speedometers worldwide. The system is a high-quality tool, which offers a maximum of flexibility and working comfort despite simplest operation. You can serve almost any vehicle with the Tacho Universal.

Outstanding characteristics of our programming system are:
The current odometer reading is decoded and shown on the LCD display
Easy self explanitory operation by clear menu guidance
Backlit display makes working possible in overcast conditions
All data sets can be edited, saved and loaded
The stored data can be transferred to a PC for archiving
Up to 200 files can be stored in the Tacho Universal
Broken speedometers can be repaired comfortably

Package Including:
1 cable P607 for Tacho Universal 0676 OK
2 cable 11DU for Tacho Universal 0677 OK
3 Cable BMW OBD2+MB Service Reset for Tacho Universal 0742 OK
4 Cable ALFA156 for Tacho Universal 0678 OK
5 Cable ALFA145_146 for Tacho Universal 0679 OK
6 Cable P206 JAEGER for Tacho Universal 0684 OK
7 Cable ALFA166 for Tacho Universal 0681 OK
8 Cable P908 for Tacho Universal 0682 OK
9 Cable ACCORD for Tacho Universal 0683 OK
10 Cable P406 JAEGER for Tacho Universal 0680 OK
11 Cable MB-DiaMox for Tacho Universal 0685 OK
12 Cable GTV SPIDER for Tacho Universal 0686 OK
13 Cable MB SPRINTER Kienzle for Tacho Universal 0687 OK
14 Cable MB-OBD2 for Tacho Universal 0688 OK
15 Cable MB-CAN for Tacho Universal 0689 OK
16 Cable CRYSLER OBD2 for Tacho Universal 0743 OK
17 Cable Multi CAN for Tacho Universal 0690 OK
18 Cable P-106 for Tacho Universal 0691 OK
19 Cable SCOPRIO for Tacho Universal 0692 OK
20 Cable VW GOLF3+MB C-CLASS OLD for Tacho Universal 0744 OK
21 Cable SPRINT VDO for Tacho Universal 0693 OK
22 Cable VW CAN for Tacho Universal 0694 OK
23 Cable BMW HW 4,5,6 for Tacho Universal 0695 OK
24 Cable SHARAN 2000 for Tacho Universal 0696 OK
25 Cable AUDI 2000 for Tacho Universal 0697 OK
26 Cable OBD2 VW-OPEL for Tacho Universal 0698 OK
27 Cable POLO98/BELLTLE/B5 for Tacho Universal 0699 OK
28 Cable BMW DIAG for Tacho Universal 0700 OK
29 Cable BMW E36 for Tacho Universal 0701 OK
30 Cable BMW Z3/compact for Tacho Universal 0702 OK
31 Cable AUDI+VW OBD2+2 for Tacho Universal 0783 OK
32 DONGLE CRYSLER OBD2 for Tacho Universal 0703 OK
33 DONGLE CRYSLER OBD2 for Tacho Universal 0703 OK
34 Dongle 912 for Tacho Universal 0704 OK
35 Cable 912 for Tacho Universal 0712 OK
37 NEC Dongle for Tacho Universal (9S12 DONGLE) 0732 OK
38 Adapter 93cx6 for Tacho Universal 0705 OK
39 Adapter 24COX for Tacho Universal 0706 OK
40 Adapter 35/95XXX for Tacho Universal 0707 OK
42 CLIP EEPROM DIP-8CON for Tacho Universal 0715 OK
43 CLIP EEPROM SOIC-14CON for Tacho Universal (5251) 0714 OK
44 CLIP EEPROM SOIC-8CON for Tacho Universal (5250) 0713 OK
45 Cable power supply for Tacho Universal 0711 OK
47 Tacho Universal hand-held device 0684 OK
48 BMW key Reader PRO 0675 OK
82 GE Cherokee 4199 OK
83 Serial Communication Cable OK

Universal Dash Programmer tacho pro 2008 Images

Universal Dash Programmer tacho pro 2008

Universal Dash Programmer tacho pro 2008

Universal Dash Programmer tacho pro 2008

Universal Dash Programmer tacho pro 2008

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Skype: uuc050

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Here you can download the product operating Manual and software

Product Reviews

Name Rating Review
john (Posted on 2015-11-09)
good tool only thing is finding out what leads do what a bit poor with no aplication list
Siba (Posted on 2013-10-28)
Hello!I have buy last year the tachopro.Now i must update the tachopro.How i can update and where i can find the software to do this? Thanks



I think you should buy this product,because the Tacho is stop update.You can look the new product

Best Regards


GEORGE (Posted on 2013-04-01)
Very good product.Fast delivery
Zein (Posted on 2013-01-13)
Hello can u tell me how to contact you from US to track my item. How long does it usually take to get here?


Dear sir

Hello, DHl usually takes 3~7 days to complete the shipment. Pls contact me via email. Our email is

Best regards

zein (Posted on 2013-01-10)
How long does it usually take to get here


Dear sir

Hello, pls inform us where do you live? Usually DHL takes about 3~7 days to complete the shipment.

Best regards

Bgfiero (Posted on 2012-08-02)
Is that toll will work for American cars?thanks


Dear sir,

Hello, I'm glad you like our products. The product can be used on  American cars. Following link is the vehicle list. Hope it can bring you some help.

Wish you have a nice day.

Dumitru Sorin (Posted on 2012-07-02)
Hi, I purchased Universal Dash Programmer tacho pro 2008. Worked for a week and since than is displaying ???SYNC???. I tried to update using the software included in the CD but did not work. Can you with this problem? Thanks,


Dear sir,

Hello,Here you can download the product operating Manual and software:

Install Instruction


The hope is helpful to you.

Best regards!



marco (Posted on 2012-01-31)
I am interested in this product if they wanted to secure payment saver when I would come to Mexico and shipping costs thanks


Dear sir

Hello,if you are afraid of the safety of payment,please choose paypal as the payment method. The price of  Universal Dash Programmer tacho pro 2008  is $199. The following is the freight  to Mexico:

Best regards

loken (Posted on 2011-10-29)
Hey, I have to reprogram my bmw key to my car, how can I connect my "BMW key Reader PRO" to my Bmw 525 dat 2005 E61 ? Which cables can I use?


Dear Sir

Hello, sorry to reply you so late. You need a OBD2 cable to connect with the car and the best equipment is AK300.

Thanks and best regards.

mcars (Posted on 2011-10-18)
Is never lock 2008.01? Shipping cost for Italy?


Dear sir 

Hello, sorry to reply you so late. Universal Dash Programmer tacho pro 2008  is the version of 2008.01 and it runs steadly.

The following is the freight to your country.




Thanks and best regards.

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Product Consulting

So I wanna buy the “tacho-pro-2008” but my question is What is the Item condition (New or user)? Can I programme-device for digital speedometers for this brands : Toyota- Suzuki- Honda- Chevrolet- BMW? How much is warranty?
April 3, 2013
hello,my friend.thank for your inquiry..the product is totally new! Following link is the vehicle list. Hope it can bring you some help. best regards
how much is shipping for two products please 1, universal dash programmer 2, Super MVP key decoder I am in UK LONDON
April 4, 2013
Dear sir, hello. both are DHL free shipping. best regards
hi, can you take paypal, n how long takes the shipping?
April 17, 2013
hello, my friend. please pay by paypal, westernunion or HSBC. DHL takes 3-7 working days. best regards
what is the difference between software ?
December 25, 2012
Hello, the tacho pro 2008 January version is much more expensive than the July version, thanks. Have a nice day!!!
Is all software required included in both packages?Do you have a phone number in USA?Does dashboard need to be removed to use?
January 24, 2013
Yes,inlucde all ,there many a Connectors in packages,some need remove dashborad,you can read the manuals about it.
Hello, What if the item does not work, do you accept a return?
February 15, 2014
Yes.if it don`t work. we accept return. Best Regards Xcar360
hi i am looking for a mileage correction for mercedes c220 cdi 2002 w203 model any idea cost, payment ,postage to uk and prize in pound sterling. and help line available
January 31, 2015
Hi,friend we suggest Best Regards Stevn

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