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SKS-3058 EECS and ECU Diagnostic Tool

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SKS-3058 is a diagnostic tool of testing analyzing equipment of automobiles EECS and ECU, is specially designed for engineers who repair automobiles EECS and ECU.
It is a handset and also can be used at worktable. It includes electric-control analyzing equipment and signal generator. According to the common characteristic if automobiles EECS, the equipment can simulate 8 kinds of signals to meet the demands of diagnosing work. Moreover the equipment can simulate 3 kinds of independent, changeable signal combination at the same time.
SKS-3058 is designed on the basis of electric-control principle and repairing regularity, so it can also be a useful teaching tool to grasp Automobile-Electric technique in automobile repairing skill training.

SKS-3058 Panels Display:
Digital display of signals frequency.
Strip display of DUTY.
LED display of signal output.
Digital display of injection pulse width.
Strip display of output voltage.
LED display of drive signal output.
LED display of external signal input.

The function of simulating sensor signal:
58+2 signal (58Hz900Hz), simulate crankshaft position signal.Have 2 shifts: 5Vpp, 10Vpp.
Sin wave signal (20Hz900Hz), simulate car speed,gear speed, have 2 shifts: 5Vpp, 10Vpp.
Rectangle wave (10Hz10KHz), simulate various kinds ofdigital signals, have2 shifts: 5Vpp, 10Vpp.
One way changeable resistance signal(50Ω10KΩ),simulate cool water temperature, loopy electric potential
utensil knob(12) precisely adjusts tooutput
Oneway changeable voltage signal(0-10V),simulate various kinds of voltage signals; loopy electric potential
utensil knob (12) precisely adjusts to output.
 PWM signal (5Hz200Hz; 5%90%), frequency, DUTY can be adjustedindependently. Puls and quite the contrary output.(simulate Cylinder Identification signal, ignition module input signal.
PWM drive signal (5Hz200Hz; 5%90%; 20A), driveinjector, ignition coil, EGR solenoid, IAC MOTOR, etc.

Measure Functions:
Examine external injection pulse width. (0.0099.99ms)
Examine external voltage (010V).
Examine external signals frequency (09999Hz).
Examine external signals DUTY (5%100%).
Examine external impulse with flashing LED.

Test Function:
When simulating signals like voltage, resistance, frequency, you can observe
injection pulse width simultaneously.
You can examine the injection pulse width of an engines starting status.
By means of observing injection pulse width (ms), you can do these tests to the:
Electronic Fuel Injection engine:
Add rich mixture at cold starting;
Add rich mixture at running;
Add rich mixture at Idle;
Adjust AFS;
Feed back capability test of Oxygen signal under closed loop status;
Sever Fuel test;
MAP test; etc.
You can test the battery voltage of the engines stating status.
When observing signals frequency and pulse width, you can examine signals voltage and DUTY at the same time.
he blue LED can do the induce test of ignition high tension.

Package list:
1pc x SKS-3058 Auto EECS and ECU Examine-Analyzing

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fordjour (Posted on 2012-07-09)
How long time will it take shipping to Turkey? Istanbul


Dear fordjour,

Hello, I'm so glad to help you. The mailman promise us delivering the product to Turkey within 3-7 days, then the product will be exchanged to the local office, you may receive our product in the following 2-3 days, thanks.

Best regards


Gijsemans (Posted on 2012-06-24)
i think may i send it by HK airport parcel to UK, i'm in HK temporarily.


Dear Gijsemans,

Hello, I'm so happy to help you. Would you please provide us your HK address, we'll arrange mailman for your package immediately, and you'll got our product within 3 days, thanks.

Best regards


Andranik Markosyan (Posted on 2012-06-05)
Hello I'm in Norway, can i buy your product in local place? Do you got agent in Norway?


Dear Andranik Markosyan,

Hello, what can i do for you? You may purchase our product on our website, and i'm sorry we don't provide agent service in Norway temporarily, thank you so much for your understanding.

Best regards


Gregory (Posted on 2011-08-24)
Everything is ok, very quick postage to UK. Thx
Douglas (Posted on 2011-06-24)
Nice product, function well on my car, thx.

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