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The way to get reward points and coupon code of
1. Post your order on , you will gain 10 loyalty points from our online store.
2. Requirements for your posting
a. product name
b. product price
c. product link
d. at least 3 photoes of the received parcel&product
e. a brief introduction on this deal, sharing your shopping experience on our website, 30 words at least
3. Add 1 post on the forum you’ll get 1 loyalty point, helping others resolving posted problems you’ll get 5 loyalty points, our limitation is up to 500 loyalty points for each day.

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1. Posting your order on related popular/product forums, to the greatest extent possible, leaving hyperlink to in the posts, or referring to whenever possible. As you did make it successfully, you’ll be rewarded $1.00 coupon or 100 loyalty points from our online store.

2. Introduce xcar360 online store or the product from it on your own blog or local forum, and the post should not be less than 300 words, you’ll receive 250 loyalty points or $2.50 coupon. As your posts increased to 500 words, and left more than 2 hyberlinks to , my team will reward you 300 loyalty points or $3.00 coupon.

3. In your own blog or forum board, making an article of xcar360 online store, and recommand the product from , left 2 hyberlinks to at least, you’ ll be given $2.00 CASH, $4.00 coupon or 400 loyalty points.

4. Photograph a video of what you buy from , and making some explaination on the product function and operation guidelines, posting on Youtube, you may get $3.00 CASH/coupon or 300 loyalty points.

5. Insert hyberlink to on your homepage or your own blog, after posting you shall collect 100 loyalty points or $1.00 coupon. As long as your website pr≧2, you’ll be given 200 loyalty points or $2.00 coupon as well, each new order you’ll gain extra 100 loyalty points or $1.00 coupon in the future cooperations.

6. Post our website or the product from on your own FACEBOOK, you’ll gain 10 loyalty points, liked by more than 50 people, reward increasing to 100 loyalty points or you may choose $1.00 coupon, liked by more than 100 people, the reward will be 200 loyalty points or $2.00 coupon.

7. Sharing your shopping experience on , posting on TWITTER, we shall give you 10 loyalty points, retwitted by 30 followers, you’ll get extra $1.00 coupon or 100 loyalty points.

8. At last, the board moderator and administrator cannot reward his own articles.

Any questions please feel free to contact us:

Respectfully yours,
Xcar360 Marketing Team