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MultiDiag Access J2534 Pass-Thru 2015.1

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Multi-diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru Device is a VCI (vehicle communication Interface) enabling you to communicate with the ECU's according to the J2534 & J2534-1.
Newest Version: 2015-1
Support Multi-Language


Multi-diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device


1. Newest Version: 2015-1
2. Languages: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italish, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian,
                           Russian, Serbian,Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.
3. New Features: Update 26 brands car models - 3541 new system
Multi-Diag J2534 Description:
Beside ECU reprogramming, with the help of Multi-Di@g Office software vehicle diagnostic, maintenance and repair operations can be done in just a few clicks without being an electronic expert. More than 45 brands, a lot of new vehicles, a large deepness in diagnostic functions.
Multi-Diag J2534 Functions: 
After selecting the car manufacturer, then you can make the diagnosis for the different menus on offer (depending on cars models):
1. Maintenance
Diagnosis codes from all computers
Reset maintenance interval
Modification of the sewage
Read / erase fault calculators
Maintenance of the particulate filter
2. Air Conditioning
Diagnosis of cooling electronic
Reading settings cooling circuit,
Test servo actuators
3. Pollution control
Diagnosis of the particulate filter
Electronic control of pollutant emissions
Control of the Lambda probe
4. Liaison to the ground
Electronic configuration of the size of tires,
Electronic configuration of tires (winter / summer),
Setting valves tire pressure
Diagnosis and management of shock-driven
Calibration of the sensor angle Driving (initialization of the steering angle)
5. Body
Implementation of safety airbags (lock / unlock)
Reconfiguration of a new calculator Airbag,
Diagnosis of calculators Airbag,
Rain sensor windshield (reading and erasing fault)
Test panel and activators of lights,
Setting Xenon headlights,
Rear radar
6. Post-Equipment
Setting up the radio,
Configuration loader CD,
Setting alarms
Configuration of the coupler,
Configuration bicycle loading system
7. Braking
Diagnosis of calculators ABS, ESP.
Diagnosis and unlock electric brakes.
Flush the brake system.
8. Motor
Diagnosis of any calculator injection engine (diesel, gasoline, flexfuel, etc. ..)
Programming of injectors
Electronic configuration of the EGR valve
9. Expert Mode
Diagnosis of advanced computers,
Configuration of comfort functions,
Change the language of the instrument panel,
physical measures (option with a probe - not supplied)
Direct access to all functions of diagnosis.
Compliant to SAE J2534 & J2534-1
Either RS 232 or USB interfaces to PC
K-Line ISO 9141 (100 mA)
KWP 2000 ISO 14230-4
CAN 2.0B ISO 11898
CAN ISO 15765-4
Programmable power supply
On-board memory

The economical diagnostics solution.

Ideal for the independent garage wanting a truly multi-make diagnostic tool giving in-depth diagnostics on a wide range of European-manufactured cars.

The Access kit is Windows-based, and can connect to any Windows PC or laptop with a USB port (subject to minimum specification).

Direct access to all diagnostics features

With Multi-Diag, you don’t have to be an electronics expert. All features are just a few mouse clicks away via the intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Multi-Diag guides the operator step by step through the job ahead :servicing, wheels and suspension, brakes, air conditioning, anti-pollution, car body, and engine. The workshop mode lets you perform bull’s-eye diagnostics every time.

An expert mode providing advanced ECU diagnostics, physical measurements and configuration capabilities is also available.

MD_ReportAutomatic vehicle detection

As soon as you connect the OBD plug, Multi-Diag automatically identifies the vehicle* (no more manual data entry). Then, a mouse click takes you straight to the diagnostics page matching the make and model of the vehicle.

* Available on vehicles fitted with an EOBD socket.

BTN_express_diagThe Express Diag feature and Diagnostics Report

The Express Diag feature lets you run a comprehensive test across all ECUs in the vehicle in just 1 click. This feature lets you check the vehicle’s electronic status in a few minutes and then prints out a Diagnostics Report. This Diagnostics Report is automatically customisable with your workshop name and details, lists the ECUs tested and gives a detailed rundown of ALL errors identified.
Multi-Diag J2534 Package List:
VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface)
DB25 to OBD-2 Male cable
OBD2 Male to OBD2 Female cable
Multi-Diag J2534 Software Display:
ACTIA Multi Diag J2534
ACTIA Multi Diag J2534
ACTIA Multi Diag J2534

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Product Reviews

Name Rating Review
bogumi278 (Posted on 2015-03-08)
Hello Will it work with the 2014 II actia multi diag software. Thank you for answer.



Sorry , only works on 2013.1 now

denis e36 (Posted on 2014-07-06)
Hello i need activation code for install


OK,please send the Hardware ID to

Best Regards


jese (Posted on 2014-02-09)
it can direct to wiring diagram....or location of problem part?....i see on the video ...after the fault code display he hit it and it display the technical information....vivid workshop ....i see it on video....this is the same on it...because i go to official website to see the function on it....and i know its hard to purchase to official in your company i know its crack software...i understand it...because i purchase crack autocom before and its work fine...i sold here in saudi arabia...and i planning to buy this multi di@g

Reply:Yes,it can direct to wiring diagram. Best Regards Xcar360

auto-technology (Posted on 2014-02-07)
i see the demo on official web site....i see there that its combined with autodata vivid workshop this is the same....



It work with diagnostic software.

Best Regard


davidflp (Posted on 2013-08-17)
este produto é original? ou uma copia?



it is oem.It the same as original.

Best Regards


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Product Consulting

I want to know will it can update?
August 17, 2013
Yes,we will provide update file to download. Best Regards Xcar360
it is like abritus avdi ? multi diag can do all programing system like immo ,,key ...please let me know how much with shipping to oman
August 19, 2013
NO,the main function of Multi-diag is diagnostic...and it also have programmer function,but not very powerful. Best Regards Xcar360
Excellent! if it update,please inform me.
September 3, 2013
Hi,friend Thanks for your feedback.we will inform you when it is update. Best Regards Xcar360
Can you say when update will be possible download and maybe you can give link ?
September 18, 2013
Yes,when new version is test all right,we will provide download link. Best Regards Xcar360
hello good day I being your old client what the best price for this item Best Regards ; JNeves
October 29, 2013
The price $295 is the best price now.Just buy it. Best Regards Xcar360
Hello ! What is the better system Actia Multidiag or Delphi 150E for European cars
December 20, 2013
Now we featured Delphi DS150E.It keeping update .But the J2534 can not now. But the J2534 supported more models than Delphi. Best Regards Xcar360
I have the old version is posible to buy only the software
January 24, 2014
It not supported software update. Best Regards Xcar360
if i buy again from you,can you provide me with a invoice for my shop? the invoice has to have my adres and VAT number so i can use it for my accountancy
November 17, 2014
Hi,friend OK ,But please send us your order number Best Regards Sabrina

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