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MT-50 OBD2 DTC Code Reader

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This MT-50 OBDⅡ DTC Code Reader is a handheld auto code reader for all OBDⅡ compliant US, Europe and Asia vehicles(OBDⅡ is the standard protocol on all cars sold in US post-1996).
MT-50 Features:
Ⅰ. Brand-new OBDⅡ Reader- Retrieves generic and manufacturer specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes(DTC).
Ⅱ. User-friendly interface- an easy-to-read backlit LCD screen, multilingual menu and build-in DTC definitions.
Ⅲ. Standard 16-pin OBDⅡ connector, no additional cables are needed.
Ⅳ. Retrieves VIN(Vehicle Identification No) on 2002 and newer vehicles that support Mode 9.
Ⅴ. Power supplied by cars electrical system, no batteries needed.
Ⅵ. Supports the CAN(Controller Area Network) protocol and all other current OBDⅡ protocols.

MT-50 Function:
1. Get an OBDⅡ Code Reader is the best way to diagnose your car- save your time and money! What to do if the Check Engine Light or service light goes on? With this MT50 DTC Code Reader, you'll find out what is the trouble with your car immediately and reset the service light in several minutes. Actually it is one of the most practical and economical tools you should own!
2. And it supports the following protocols: * SAE J1850 PWM * SAE J1850 VPW * ISO9141-2 * ISO14230-4(KWP2000) * ISO15765-4(CAN-BUS) CAN or Controller Area Network is the latest communication protocol, which started being used in 2003 on some models and all cars made in 2008 are required to use this protocol for communication.
3. Emission Status- this tool will run a number of self-tests to monitor the conditions of your car emission system. It can help you get through the emission test and shut off emission codes that pop up randomly.

MT-50 Package:
1pc × MT-50 OBDⅡ DTC Code Reader

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Orlando (Posted on 2011-11-11)
Honestly if you need a tool that will scan your car's diagnosis system, don't waste your money on some fancy item that will cost you a fortune. This little tool will scan, collect, and erase whatever code you need to rectify. I have used this on numerous cars and have saved myself a lot of money by avoiding the dealership.
Randolph (Posted on 2011-11-10)
I ordered this to find out why my check engine light was on. Oddly enough the light turned off before I got this reader, so I have not used it yet. Shipping was fast and it seems like a semi-sturdy gadget.
Ulysses (Posted on 2011-11-09)
I wanted a OBD scanner that I could connect to my iPhone. But there were too many mixed reviews on the products and they were fairly expensive to gamble on. I ended up just going with this scanner and I'm glad I saved the money. This was so simple -- just plug in, press a button, and read the code. I then used my iPhone to search for the code using Google and I had the result. I then pressed the menu button, selected erase, and the engine light went off.
Xavier (Posted on 2011-11-05)
I got this little device from Amazon to diagnose the SES light on my 2002 Pathy. It gave the error codes that were checked out online. It turned off the SES light too. It does not read the VIN. Who cares anyway. I will fix my vehicle DIY this weekend. What a nice experience.
Bacchus (Posted on 2011-11-01)
Buy it! An excellent product for the price. Very easy to use. I was able to retrieve a history of 2 problem codes for my 1997 Celica, and then I erased the codes from my car memory after looking up what they mean on Google. Only two buttons are used to operate this device. The Toyota Dealer charged me $105 read my codes, and then told me that there probably wasn't a real problem. Now I can look up problem codes before going to the dealer, or turn off my Check Engine Light if it comes ON because of the occasional random error condition. This item will easily pay for itself the first time you or someone you know needs this kind of help.. Buy it!
Edwin (Posted on 2011-10-29)
Wasn't sure how this thing would work, but found the plug-in on my 1998 Toyota T-100 truck, followed the instructions that came with the OBD2 Reader, and it showed a couple diagnostic codes. After a while fiddling around on the internet I found what the codes meant and now after doing a minor repair the car engine light is off. Cost about $75 for cost of the the OBD2 Reader and the O2 sensor it indicated needed replacement. Now that's great. Think this will make a nice Christmas gift for a couple family members who I never can think what to get them.
Hackett (Posted on 2011-10-26)
Works great. Has already saved me money. I had a check engine light on my Saturn and after reading the code and looking it up online, I checked my gas cap and sure enough it wasn't on tight. Tightened the cap, reset the code and everything has been just fine now for 2 weeks.
Kelvin (Posted on 2011-10-24)
It was very tied connection and hard to hook and sometimes pushing the button few times till it registers. Maybe better investing a little more for a better quality tool.
Christopher (Posted on 2011-10-21)
Nice product, excellent mail service, thx.
Edward (Posted on 2011-07-08)
Nice product, works wonderful, thank you.

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