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MT-50 OBD2 DTC Code Reader

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This MT-50 OBDⅡ DTC Code Reader is a handheld auto code reader for all OBDⅡ compliant US, Europe and Asia vehicles(OBDⅡ is the standard protocol on all cars sold in US post-1996).
MT-50 Features:
Ⅰ. Brand-new OBDⅡ Reader- Retrieves generic and manufacturer specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes(DTC).
Ⅱ. User-friendly interface- an easy-to-read backlit LCD screen, multilingual menu and build-in DTC definitions.
Ⅲ. Standard 16-pin OBDⅡ connector, no additional cables are needed.
Ⅳ. Retrieves VIN(Vehicle Identification No) on 2002 and newer vehicles that support Mode 9.
Ⅴ. Power supplied by cars electrical system, no batteries needed.
Ⅵ. Supports the CAN(Controller Area Network) protocol and all other current OBDⅡ protocols.

MT-50 Function:
1. Get an OBDⅡ Code Reader is the best way to diagnose your car- save your time and money! What to do if the Check Engine Light or service light goes on? With this MT50 DTC Code Reader, you'll find out what is the trouble with your car immediately and reset the service light in several minutes. Actually it is one of the most practical and economical tools you should own!
2. And it supports the following protocols: * SAE J1850 PWM * SAE J1850 VPW * ISO9141-2 * ISO14230-4(KWP2000) * ISO15765-4(CAN-BUS) CAN or Controller Area Network is the latest communication protocol, which started being used in 2003 on some models and all cars made in 2008 are required to use this protocol for communication.
3. Emission Status- this tool will run a number of self-tests to monitor the conditions of your car emission system. It can help you get through the emission test and shut off emission codes that pop up randomly.

MT-50 Package:
1pc × MT-50 OBDⅡ DTC Code Reader

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Maddox (Posted on 2011-11-30)
Easy to use little inexpensive reader. I just got tired going to the mechanic whenever my wife's CX-7 throws another CEL. Now I can do it myself and save time and money.
Paris (Posted on 2011-11-29)
Great value. I use google to find out the code meaning anyway. Saves the hassle of going to the auto parts store.
York (Posted on 2011-11-25)
I was skeptical this would actually work for 26.50 dollars including shipping, but it just saved me a $100 "diagnostic" fee at a repair shop. I'm not really near an AutoZone or any other place that will check it for free. This is a very basic model that did exactly what I wanted it to do: give me the codes, and erase them. It does not give you a list of what the codes mean, but you can easily Google them and find your specific make and model like I did in a matter of seconds. I used it on my 1996 Cadillac Deville and didn't have any connectivity problems. Overall this is an extremely useful tool and I consider it absolutely necessary for anyone who has ever seen the SES light come on in their car. The instruction page is a little bit silly and poorly worded (seems like a computerized translation), but the reader and its interface are so easy to use that I doubt a 12 year old of average intelligence would have a problem getting it to spit out and erase codes. Oh, it didn't read my VIN.
Vargas (Posted on 2011-11-25)
Echoing what almost all other reviews say: How can you go wrong for the price? It does exactly what it's advertised to do, which is read the codes and clear them if needed. More expensive units are going to give a little more information (like a short description), but unless you're a Serious Mechanic you'll be looking up repair info online anyway; looking up the code's description doesn't seem like that big of a leap. (And if it's really too much you can go to [...] and print the page and keep it with the unit.) The instructions are pretty sparse (one page), but they give the basic information on how use the unit. I strongly recommend this unit if you've ever considered trying to figure out the Service Engine light yourself.
Sandra (Posted on 2011-11-25)
Recieved this in less than 7 days. Took out of box and read simple instructions. Went to my 1999 Bonneville, plugged reader in and in less than 10 minutes was at local parts store buying the exact part needed to repair my car. It was easy to do, easy on the pocket book and made my repair a third of what a professional would charge. Highly recommend this and the seller to anyone wanting to save a bundle on car repair.
Galloway (Posted on 2011-11-23)
The scan tool is compact and easy to use. It's powered by the car and comes with a terse, one-page instruction sheet that could be better. But, I just plugged it in, turned the ignition key to ON and the device returned the error code causing my check engine warning to light. So, I made note of it (doesn't display WHAT the failure is)and reset the fault. I Googled the fault code and it turned out to be an oxygen sensor error. So, I've been waiting for it to re-trigger and turn the Check Engine light back on but, that has not happened and it's been at least a month. Never saw that light on before either. I suppose some service center would have been glad to check the code for me and then install oxygen sensors to to fix the problem. But, it appears that it ain't broke. If it happens again, I'll consider replacing a sensor myself. I now have the tool to diagnose a problem.
Carlisle (Posted on 2011-11-19)
Works as advertised on my 2004 Mazda RX8. Check engine light was just the gas cap not firmly closed (second gas cap I bought for this car). The code took a second to google and promptly reset with this tool. This little gizmo saved me a trip to the mechanic and no doubt a diagnostic fee that most of them charge to even look at your car.
Fairchild (Posted on 2011-11-17)
...your mileage may vary. Read and reset my codes with no problem at all. This item's instructions are brief and to the point, so recommend you understand the procedure.
Ingram (Posted on 2011-11-14)
Received item in less than a week. It worked as described. No code book included, but it took less time to Google the code than it would have to look it up in a book. A good value for the price.
Latham (Posted on 2011-11-12)
Great product at a great price. There may be others out there that do more, but this one does enough for me. I used it when my check engine light came on in my Lincoln Navigator. I searched the web for the code description and found several sites with advise on what to do next. While the code may not always pinpoint the exact problem it will give you a general idea about where the problem is. I also used the device to erase the code untill I had time to fix the vehicle. What more can you ask for? Most importantly it was priced well below what the dealer charges just to read codes and was cheaper than most other code readers on the market. Great product and great quality as well!

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