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Mercedes Benz Star Diagnosis Xentry system MB star SD COONECT


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Mercedes-Benz Scanner MB-Star Diagnostic allows you to read and erase fault codes from any control unit in your Mercedes-Benz. With Star Diagnostic scanner you can read the actual configurations in each system, stream real time sensor data, activate sensors and perform SCN online, SCN offline coding and programing.

This is 100% Original PCB mb star c4 xentry diagnose system with vediamo for mercedes benz das SD CONNECT 100925

This scanner is used by the dealer and it allow you to access and troubleshoot any system or control system in your Mercedes-Benz. Activate any sensor in the car, perform initiation test, stream live sensor data and also read and clear fault codes. If you own a shop who focuses on Mercedes-Benz cars then this is a must for you. Get it via official channels so that you can perform online SCN coding. All MB SD control units are accessible, like engine ECU, ABS, Airbags, SRS, Aircon, Immobilizer, Keyless Entry and the rest of 40+ control units used in MB cars. You can Read / Delete Faults, Live Data, perform sensor actuation, read current configuration, initialaztion and a lot more.

Why buy from us xentry System

1.Best quality SD CONNECT 100925 version , stable ,no error ! support w204 w212 , update automatic on new xods win7 system . many famous OBD forum MHH CART AP recommend version!  all new Components stable work status Automatic update  not the bad clone can't update or  locked (choose a best one will save your money and save your time!!!  got a poor quality one  after 2-3 month broken , then should send it back to repair . it  will lost shipping cost, lost device for diagnosis, lost business!)

(Famous OBD forum mhh Cartechlogy AP recommended version!)

2 Our SD CONNECT support firmware update!

3. difference form 100925 and 101044 or others

    a. 100925 sn can works on 24V, but 101044 or others chnage SN version can not works on 24v truck and also miss many ECU on some cars like w212 sprinter and so on, they can't read all ecu of cars . the pcb of those looks ok, but actually use some fake Chips, so miss function on some ecus .(those all feedback by customers  and depond on our 6 years sales experience!)

    b. after we test , our 100925 can works on xods 17-3 automatic update, but 101044 can not test (need manaul update firmware)

4. Best version software made by real Mercdes repair enginner . online programming or offline programming full Flash data. Vediamo with full CBF CFF database.

5.  7X24 Hours online support . Porduct manager Steven GA focus mercdes xentry system, he can help you solve the some problem when use .(No authorization , xentry can't open , SD connect can't read and so on) skype:uuc050 whatsapp:+8613922818729)

6. Warranty . Hardware warranty 1 month free exchange , 2 year free repair . Software warranty  1 year , we can do online restore and online authorization can help you save time to use software stable.

7. Online SCN coding service $50 one time.

Software version 2018-05

XENTRY 2018-05

DAS 2018-05 inlcude offline function 

EPC 2018-05

WIS 2018-05



vediamo 5.00.10

DTS Monaco

tan code

XENTRY Special caculator

Laptop Specification:

cf-19 MK4

Processor- Intel Core i5 U 540 1.20Ghz
Stylus / Pen for Touchscreen- Included
Speed- 1.20GHz
Memory- 4GB
Hard Drive- HDD500G

Grade A - Excellent Condition

WiFi / Wireless Card - Tested and Ready for Use

Battery - Tested and Guaranteed - Battery Life is Outstanding


Details of this system



• CURRENT SOFTWARE: DAS / XENTRY 2017-3 (still with HHT)  support offline fucntion- DAS / XENTRY / WIS / EPC / SDMEDIA / STARFINDER V2 / 3

online offline , Vediamo , CBF CFF DATABASE



OUR MERCEDES SDCONNECT VEDIAMO  XENTRY is a new HIGH-END ULTIMATIVE SONDERSYSTEM which, in addition to the actual Mercedes diagnosis of the DAS / Xentry, is also the most complete system (with good reason since Vediamo is not Vediamo as you are reading) on the market Codes on Xentry vehicles. Of course, you can also use the familiar diagnosis via DAS / XENTRY, whether you are on a car, truck, commercial vehicle or bus. However, if you have changed a module or you have retrofitted it in the vehicle you have to activate it via Xentry Systems like Mercedes NL (of course for a fee) how much they have earned as a workshop for their service you can calculate themselves. You can also buy a system from Mercedes Leases that you do not want to know, as an example, you can move around for the different licenses you have for cars and trucks or even buses for the 7-10,000 eur annually for system rental and licenses , Quite klaar plus SCN coding costs and although every time they exchange a module or program however even if you such a system rent you will still not be able to do what our full-value systems can the reason lies in the special software Vediamo or Monaco with which Our systems are equipped
By this I mean not to find China Vediamo how to pile up is on the internet Versin 5.05 because a VEDIAMO IS NOT EQUAL VEDIAMO as you read alike, In your interest to avoid shortcuts should you read this long description also well ...
An absolutely better alternative are our independent systems Vediamo X2 / Monaco DTS 8 systems, which is the big advantage of our systems compared to regular systems, this will save you money but not just that. So you do not have more or very rare at Mercedes NL Get an appointment and pay at Mercedes for programming if you have a module exchange! Imagine you have a truck or bus repaired and the NL is 80 or 100 km further if you could encode everything yourself how much that annually saves only on fuel costs. Similarly, your expensive work as a service now makes sense, because you will have much more money left if you can do everything yourself. There is still a far greater advantage which also NOT Mercedes NL can do the individual coding! In order for you to understand, regular online systems can only perform SCN coding on vehicles which are stored on the Daimler server, but only series (ie, according to specifications) but nothing other than series, so they can not perform individual SCN encodings and program in the automatic process On the server. But what if you want to activate additional modules or special functions in your vehicle? Modules want to decant? If you are a convertor and because engine eg. In a boat, because there is little sense here to have an ABS or tacho? Or you are a replica clerk? Or in the case of an accident wagon some control functions temporarily want to deactivate or have retrofitted modules / equipment have. There are hundreds reasons to individualize (drive to desire to encode) ... so then ONLY our system can help you.

In short, our system can be used in addition to the diagnosis on XENTRY vehicles for:

• Serial coding, for example, if you would change a motor control unit or other module to activate it in the vehicle.
• Subsequent installation eg as if you have installed an AHK, cruise control, heating, etc. Retrofitted offline.
• Individual coding, Let's say you have a W207 with Xenon light, but you want to equip your ride with headlights, since there are other newer W207 also, you also want to activate the Intelligent Dimmendlich system, but also change the blink frequency to make your car more individual Is .. So now buy all modules like reflectors front, rear lights, etc ... build this into their vehicle as it is also original with the same vehicle with Ledlicht! And now you are so satisfied to the Daimler NL to implement coding of the Ledlich modules, because these do not work so logically. And now happens what they did not expect! In response, you will get: "The NL can not code your vehicle, it does not correspond to the series" ... (and right the guys) since only srie Codiert be briefly stated "the vehicle and its modules is like this at that time the Daimler Factory abandoned ". Without our system in such a case the damage would be increased. It is also different, simply plug in our Vediamo X2 special system, the modules encode activate, and look as everything works! This is just one of countless possibilities with our system to individually encode what even Mercedes NL can not! Such examples there are many starting from: Blikerfrequen change, over seat mat deakivieren, belt release, special functions more active 

The Daimler Development works, of course, with special data about the effects that Vediamo has already seen in the videos: VSB, VSX, VSC, Licencdata, Smrd-d data ... and this can be found in neither Forum, no other Vediamo whether the latest version or an older game does not matter if you have watched you now the VEDIAMO "like an empty Dumes operative system is" up to a few small things this is 90% worthless acting only With CBF / CFF data. Logically, these data are hardly to be found which we have presented ! No one gives what makes him more competitive against other workshops, may be that the Vediamo "everywhere" is to be found, but a VEDIAMO ALONE DOES NOTHING WITHOUT THE RIGHT DATA ... Here we offer you limited possibility a complete full-value system commercially with presentation Place with which you can also start something ..


Cause our system made by real repair engineer , many data from they diagnosis real use. So not compare ours with other empty vediamo system,.


THE MERCEDES SDCONNECT VEDIAMO is also a star diagnostic special system. So the system in DAS / XENTRY allows you, as well as over the radio, to continue to diagnose all the oldest and most recent Mercedes vehicles, without the hassle of the HHT and the Herman Messschmit HMS oscilloscope The Mercedes diagnosis is without exception possible at all:



• Mercedes WIS program informs you about all the faults found during the diagnosis with appropriate repair instructions, wiring diagrams, instructions, tightening torques, special tools as well as printable service sheets, AW work values for the various work identified by chassis number or search for model and category can...
• Mercedes EPC Electronic spare parts catalog so that you always know the corresponding part number is also part of the lot so you do not have to spend hours with your MB dealer losing time and know which spare part / number you need.
• StarFinder V2 / 3 for fast component localization in the vehicle already with the part number incl. Interactive error search in the vehicle electronics, pin assignment / plug, reference clamps, short tests with further information.
• SDMedia training videos that show you the most common malfunctions as video clips, as well as your own videos and applications for special functions in offline coding / manipulation with the new system


• SDScan function can absolutely perform the important function SDCaan (others not),
• Wlan & cable function can be carried out both via secured Wlan (wireless) diagnosis without interference & direct by cable
• Regular Serial has a non-blacklisted serial and can easily perform updates (other blocking fast)
• Current version and firmware ....

Package List:

1X Strong tool box

1pc x Multiplexer
1pc x OBDII 16Pin Cable
1pc x 38PIN Cable
1pc x 14PIN Cable
1pc x 8PIN Cable
1pc x Lan Cable
1pc x Hard Disk (500G New) all software installed
1set x Second Hand Panasonic CF19 I5 4GB Laptop


Wholesale Contact Information

Skype: uuc050

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Product Consulting

Hi , Does the price of 897 euros include the following packing list as it is advertised on your web ? Package List: 1X Strong tool box 1pc x Multiplexer 1pc x OBDII 16Pin Cable 1pc x 38PIN Cable 1pc x 14PIN Cable 1pc x 8PIN Cable 1pc x Lan Cable 1pc x Hard Disk (500G New) all software installed 1set x Second Hand Panasonic CF19 I5 4GB Laptop Thanks in advance , Regards , Mike.
July 16, 2017
Hi,friend Yes, it is include all we list 1X Strong tool box 1pc x Multiplexer 1pc x OBDII 16Pin Cable 1pc x 38PIN Cable 1pc x 14PIN Cable 1pc x 8PIN Cable 1pc x Lan Cable 1pc x Hard Disk (500G New) all software installed 17-5 1set x Second Hand Panasonic CF19 I5 4GB Laptop Best Regards Steven
Hi, does this kit include the CF19 laptop? And does it come with the latest software loaded on it?
February 28, 2018
Hi,friend yes, include CF-19 it comes with 17-12 software Best Regards Steven
Curious about this setup with the CF-19 plus upgrade to SSD.... Is the windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit? Will windows be setup in ALL English, no Chinese anywhere? Will HHT be fully functional with the 12/2017 DAS software? If I upgrade the CF-19 to the SSD, what is the GB capacity? If I upgrade the CF-19 to the SSD, what does the: (16-5 best software) stand for? I’m very interested in this package, awaiting your reply. Thank you
March 28, 2018
Hi,friend yes it is win7 32bit all is english SSD is 256GB Any more questions please contact 16-5 software is 2016-05 software but very good to use
I’m interested in the CF-19 plus SSD with 2016-05 software. Is this setup safe to have connected to the internet at all times? Is HHT fully functional with chassis 140? Is the “blacklist” installed?
April 4, 2018
Hi,friend yes , safe and HHT is full functions and our MUX not in blacklist

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