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Loyalty points Usage

The calculation of the loyalty points:

 Only registered users can get loyalty points, and then users can see their loyalty points in their account. The registered users will automatically get loyalty points after the successful transaction. The registered users can get one loyalty point after spending $1 on the product from our web.

When the loyalty points reach 100, the users can get $1 discount in the next time purchasing.

 The usage of the loyalty points:

  When the registered users enter the shopping cart, the total loyalty points will appear and the users can choose spend how much points on the product. Every time spending 100 loyalty points amounts to saving $1.

The expiry of the loyalty points

The loyalty points can be saved 365 days under the users' account, when the loyalty points expires it cannot be used again.

Referral Rules

1. When the customer Such as A who you refered order in out store , A can get Loyalty points , and you can get Loyalty points from his order too !

2. If the customer A refer someone such as B , both A and B buy products in out store , you can get Loyalty points too .

3. Then A->B->C...Y->Z.

4. All the customer from you buy product in our sotre , you can get Loyalty points.

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