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Linde Truck Can Box


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Linde Truck Can Box is a factory service tester designed for comprehensive diagnosis of all systems in vehicles and machines brand Linde. The range of functions is limited only by in-vehicle equipment / machine. With the tester Can Linde Truck Box is possible to perform diagnostics on the level of authorized service.

Software Version: V2013
Supported Languages: English, Hungarian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, French, Czech, Swedish,Turkish

Tester offers a number of advanced features not available in the multi-brand universal testers.

Basic functions of the Linde Truck Can Box:

Diagnosis - to read memory faults stored in the drivers of vehicles while allowing deleting, saving and printing of error codes to the full description.

Measured values - is called. LiveData or display current data from sensors or actuators registered by the driver.

Identifying Drivers - it displays detailed data such as. The serial number, software version, manufacturer's numbers, the numbers of character, etc ...

Actuator Test in other words starting components are direct tests performed on the elements of such systems. Launch ABS modulators, such as activation of the solenoid valves. Lifting - lowering the vehicle or machine. This part of the diagnostic otherwise known as active allows, for example. In the case of the engine to balance / detachment cylinders which in turn is helpful for example. In the evaluation of compression.

Calibrations are adaptations of the individual elements, eg. The sensors on the needs of the vehicle can be an example of calibration - to adapt the electronic throttle, pedal acceleration sensor active suspension, support systems, etc ...

Adjustments / Coding / Programming reconfiguration are all kinds of settings, eg. Off speed limiters, power, torque, activate hidden features, disable the exhaust gas treatment, etc. * (To do some reconfiguration is to have a conical expansion called optional extras. Developer like. calculators encodings or configuration).

Read / Write driver configuration - this allows you to copy the configuration of drivers during the replacement or repair.

Deleting maintenance / inspection service - functions help you review the service intervals (reset service light, oil, mileage, etc.)

All the above features allow for comprehensive diagnosis elements, eg such as:

  • engine
  • gearboxes
  • brake systems
  • air conditioning systems and heating / reheating
  • retarder,
  • active suspension
  • anti-theft devices
  • central computer
  • tachograph
  • dashboard
  • air processing, eg., SAC,
  • heater, dryer, etc.
  • flue gas treatment
  • steering eg. EMAS
  • frame modules
  • list of available drivers could be replaced, however long it is dependent upon the vehicle diagnosis equipment or machine.


For example, select the appropriate driver. Engine computer can, for example .:

- Read pending diagnostic trouble codes (DTC)

- Read diagnostic trouble codes (DTC)

- Erase codes and turn off the "Check Engine" (MIL)

- The ability to save the read data to a file for later analysis

- Diagnosis of type damper actuator valves, sensors

- Dynamic control of ignition, starter dose,

- Engine speed (RPM)

- Order (Calculated Load Value)

- Coolant temperature (Coolant Temperature)

- The status of the fuel system (Fuel System Status)

- Speed of the vehicle (Vehicle Speed)

- Short-term correction injection time (Short Term Fuel Trim)

- Long-term correction of the injection time (Long Term Fuel Trim)

- Vacuum in the intake manifold (Intake Manifold Pressure)

- Ignition timing (Timing Advance)

- The temperature of the intake air (Intake Air Temperature)

- Air flow - an indication of the flowmeter (Air Flow Rate)

- Throttle position TPS (Throttle Position Absolute)

- Indicate the oxygen sensor (Oxygen Sensor Voltages / associated short term fuel trims)

- Fuel pressure (Fuel Pressure)

- Checking the condition of the engine based on the consumption of individual cylinders - that

difference in fuel doses dispensed by the computer to the individual cylinders.

- Measurement of vehicle parameters - power and acceleration

and many other troubleshooting steps are impossible to comply with universal testers ...


Linde Truck CANBOX supports the following models:
346BR 346
386RB 386 (1.1.0, Linde MH-D)
1313 BR 1313 (1.1.0, Linde MH-D)
350BR 350 (1.8.0, Linde MH-D)
359BR 359 (1.5.0, Linde MH-D)
391BR 391 (1.7.0, Linde MH-D)
392BR 392 (2.12.0 Linde MH-D)
393BR 393 (2.9.0, Linde MH-D)
394BR 394 (1.3.0, Linde MH-D)
Cummins QSB EMS Cummins QSB T2 Tier2 (1.1.0 Linde MH)
Cummins QSB EMS T3 Cummins QSB Tier3
EMS Deutz Deutz EMP3 EMR3 (1.2.0, Linde MH-FK)
EMS VW PDVW P-D (1.3.0, Linde MH-D)
EMS VWVW- Motordiagnose (2.9.0, Linde MH-D)
1172BR 1172 (1.6.0, Linde MH-F)
133BR 133 (2.4.0, Linde MH-F)
132SB 132 (2.3.0, Linde MH-F)
1190BR 1190 (2.6.0, Linde MH-F)
P, W
127-02BR 127-02 (1.1.0 Linde MH (UK) LTD)
115-02BR 115-02 (2.11.0, Linde MH (UK) LTD)
115-03BR 115-03 (1.5.0, Linde MH (UK) LTD)
116BR 116 (1.8.0, Linde MH (UK) LTD)
02BR 116 116-02 (1.4.0, Linde MH (UK) LTD)
Flash 116116 1/09 SI40 field update (1.1.0, Linde MH (UK)
115BR 1152 (1.6.0, Linde MH-F)
131SB 131 (2.4.0, Linde MH-F)

Doctor cable:
Electric Trucks (E) 324, 334, 335, 336, 337
Trucks Diesel / LPG (V) 350
Fork-lift truck (L) 379, 372, 141, 139
Forklifts 360, 141, 144, 140
N + v
Carts for picking (N + v) 149, 014, 377, 4516
Reach truck (R) 113, 115 (CANBOX)
Tractors (P) 141, 126, 127
1.1.0, Linde MH-D

Linde Doctor:

1. Electric Trucks (E) 324,334,335, 336, 337,
2. Trucks Diesel / LPG (V) 350
3. Forklift (L) 379, 372, 141, 139
4. woks trucks 360, 141, 144, 140
4. picking trolleys (N + v), 149, 014, 377, 4516
5. Reach truck storage (R) 113, 115 (CANBOX)
6. Tractor (P) 141, 126, 127

The kit includes:
Linde Canbox device with a USB cable
Round 4 pin cable for all forklift CAN systems
Doctor Linde cable and 6PIN 4PIN (optional)
Linde pathfinder, software Doctor







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