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Hi, Is this a genuine or clone? Regards,
May 17, 2017
Hi,friend this is 1:1 one
Hi Where do I get the software for the laptop and do I need passwords etc to install Cheers Ian
June 13, 2017
Hi,friend The software is all in SSD which already in xentry C5 you can email to to talk more Best Regards Steven
con este sofware puedo repotenciar motores cambiar parametrizar
September 3, 2017
No , it a diagnostic and program tool yours request can try kess tool
Hi, Can I do full Offline Programming for replacing ECU, Modules with this Xentry C5 ? Regards!
September 28, 2017
No, you can't Porgram replaceing ECU , need SCN CODING ONLINE
Hi, can I get in trouble with the customs clearence?
December 12, 2017
Hi,friend i think no problem we will help you with it!
I want to know,can I purchase the C5 unit and a SSD hard drive from you ? I want to use my CF-19 tough book ? I need to be able to program W222 command units ? Also I have to be able to have HHT-WIN ?? I now use my CF-19 with a SD-Connect C4 it works flawlessly I log on to the Damler web site & have no problems programing or SCN coding. Please let me know as soon as possible.
January 11, 2018
Hi,friend yes friend you can use your CF-19 ok and you can program w222 it don't have HHT WIN and our device no problem do SCN CODING online!
Why in the package with c5 interface not include softwares like : EPC 2017-2018 WIS 2017-2018 Starfinder 2016 SDMEDIA tan code XENTRY Special caculator and in the package with c4 interface include this softwartes. Thanks for your time!
March 16, 2018
Hi,friend Those is not diagnostic software you can install it in any laptop C5 software is in C5 machine not laptop so it is difference
What is included in the $1400 package ?
May 9, 2018
1400 usd package include 1. xentry connect with xentry DAS software 2.xentry assistance hdd 3. xentry charger Best Regards Steven
Salve tempo di consegna in italia? Reggio calabria
June 9, 2018
Yes, friend we can send to Italy by DHL Sì, amico possiamo inviare in Italia da DHL
I want to buy this multiplexer and the laptop. Just small question. Does the multiplexer have internal hard drive and processor. Is it a 1:1 clone? Thanks
August 3, 2018
Hi,friend yes this is 1:1 clonde and it with internal hard drive and processor . it have own system in it
Was inquiring if this multiplexer is a 1:1 clone copy? And does it have an internal hard drive
August 3, 2018
Yes, friend it is same as original and have interanl hard driver installed XENTRY AND DAS
Cf 31 Features ? have ssd ? i5? Battery is good ,hours? Das, Wis , Star Finder, SdMedia ,Xentry Sim , Das Sim ? its includes and DTs Monaco and Vediamo What Version Can I do Scn Online ? are you probed? Ready To use with Cf31 ? Some Video youtube? Spanish Language in sofware Das, Xentry ...Wis .. ,DAS sim, Xentry Sim
September 17, 2018
Hi,fiend CF-31 is 85% new , Yes SSD I3 battery 2hours software include XENTRY DAS WIS EPC support SCN CODING ONLINE this is original xentry connect
goodmorning .. I contact you to ask if you have a hard drive for xentry connect C5 .. I have an original unit but the disk does not work anymore .. can you help me? Thanks waiting for your feedback .. Regards.
September 18, 2018
Hi,friend yes, we have hard driver for xentry connect C5 if want use on original one you should make some set we can provide guide but you should do yourself all price $150

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