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Is this just an update or will this HDD diagnose and program Porsche? Thank you
December 26, 2015
Hi,friend it is a HDD works with PIWIS2 can diagnose and program Porsche Best Regards Steven
So if I buy this HDD and put into my cf30 toughbook I will be able to program and diagnose Porsche WITHOUT Internet connection or without extra charges? Thank you
January 3, 2016
yes friend it can works on your cf-30 . and it a program works with Piwis 2 hardware can program and diagnose Porsche WITHOUT Internet connection and have development best regards steven
Hi, I would like to use on a cf19 tough book. Will this hard drive work on cf-19 or will it lock( hdd password ) because not in cf30?? Thanks
July 22, 2016
yes, is is ok no password
Thank you for your reply to my message. So this will definitely not lock if I use in a cf-19. There is no hard drive lock password for sure??? I will buy today if this is correct. Thanks
July 23, 2016
yes, sure we unlock it
Good day, Is Porsche piwis 2 2016 V17.1 development system CF-30 SSD tested on Wifi wlan and USB PIWIS ii scanner Mux? In other words, is wireless code for piwis v17.1 enabled?
August 10, 2016
Hi,friend 1. it is USB version no wifi 2. it is development version
Hi - I just installed this hd but once it loads the PIWIS 2 states "Tester is Not Imprinted". Basically it doesn't have a license so it won't work. Please advise. Thank you
January 12, 2017
Hi,friend please email me we will help you activate it
Hi , I have the original, piwis tester II VCI box ,it will work with your software ?
March 7, 2017
yes, works
Hi , will work on panasonik cf-52, cf-53 ? Or on another laptop ?
March 8, 2017
Yes, works The email have some problem please reply email to Skype:uuc050
Hi, for how long period is your license valid: 90 days or more?
June 8, 2017
we can give 90days or more days license or unlimited one
It is works on CF-31? I have a CF-31
June 8, 2017
Yes, friend The SSD can works on CF-19 CF-30 CF-31 all support. Skype:uuc050
I'm trying to reply your email, but the mailbox seems to be unavailable for me. Pls send the valid address. My next questions: If 90 days: Would it be necessary to extend the licence or it always will be 90 days? Is there any advantage of obtaining 90 days licence if the unlimited option exists? "Dear Greyfox: Your Question: Hi, for how long period is your license valid: 90 days or more? Xcar360 Reply: we can give 90days or more days license or unlimited one"
June 8, 2017
90 days will expire after 90 days 90 days license can be online unlimited license some time lost license please reply to Skype:uuc050
Hi. I have nulim v.15.100 now. My laptop is Dell E5430, will it works properly? How much extra will be unlimited license? Or may be you can just share online updates by the same price? (It could be musch faster) Thanks, Yury
June 11, 2017
1.Yes, it is works on your LAPTOP 2. license we can set unlimited one to you 3. yes that ok I write email to you please check
Hi will your Porsche Piwis 2 2017 V18.1 software work on an IBM/Lenovo T61 laptop and can it perform all functions on a 2017 Porsche Panamera
October 13, 2017
Hi,friend Yes it is works on T61 laptop i think can't have all function on 2017 Panamera
Hi! I want to know about your product.Is it totally offline and is it plug and play with my CF30 laptop.I have the full piwis2 original kit but my software got currupted.
May 2, 2018
Hi,friend thanks for your inquire . it is a offline version and yes, it can works on your own diagnsotic kit best Regards Steven
is this hdd plug and play ore dos in need some instalation on my cf30?
May 4, 2018
Hi,friend Yes, PLug and play but should conect us do activate after start
Will this SSD HD also work with an old Dell Lattitude D600 Laptop? I use this in my shop, or do I need to order the complete set (Panasonic CF31, Piwis2 and SSD HD)? Thanks Dominique
May 19, 2018
Hi,firend yes it works on old laptop Best Regards Steven
Is it possible to use this HDD with EVG7 like plug and play?
August 25, 2018
Hi,friend not sure but you can try
Hi is this item still available?I have genuine piwis 2 but my imprint has expired thank you :-)
September 21, 2018
Hi,friend Yes, we can do it

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