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Hallo, wollte fragen wie es mit der Garantie aussieht ? Wielange die Lieferung dauert und aus welchem Land Das Gerät verschickt wird ? Fallen Zollgebühren an ? MfG
February 19, 2015
Hallo, Freund Vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage. 1. Wir bieten 1 Jahr Garantie. 2. wir versenden von Hong Kong und ungefähr 5 ~ 7 Tage nach Deutschland. 3. es keine Steuern. Liebe Grüße Steven
Hello, can I youse the cables (Mercedes BMW VAG ...) from my Delphi DS150E? Greetings from Germany
April 14, 2015
Hi,friend maybe can works . I'm not sure Best Regards Steven
Hello! Unfortunately, the operating system (software) on my device does not boot any more. The power cord is properly plugged in and after powered on some error messages appear, such as “ERROR 016004 ErrPara1=A:\” followed by “ERROR 039003:” Finally the device hang itself. I have already submitted some screenshots to your email address. May be this will help you to solve the problem. Thanks! Marcus Schneller
May 20, 2015
Hi,friend Please send error photos to Best Regards Steven
Hello, no I didn`t update the device! I want to send the device to you. At which address I have to send the device? Are there any taxes to pay or other informations I have to notice? Best regards from Marcus Schneller
May 26, 2015
Hi,friend it should send back to repair. Best Regards Steven
Hello, today the package should be delivered from dhl to you. I hope you can solve the problem. If you send back, please fixe the German customs documents again at the outside of the package. With best regards Marcus Schneller
July 16, 2015
Hi,friend please send it via post. Thanks we will send it with new document after repair
The package is already in China with DHL (German Post). Best Regards Marcus
July 16, 2015
Please send tracking number again Best Regards Steven
Hello, do you got the package(complaint of mega macs) now. Please give me an answer. With best regards Marcus
August 16, 2015
Hi,friend It is on repairing Best Regards Steven
I have iq4car diagnosis machine but some cars it doesn't see them, what can I do
April 14, 2016
Hi,friend What car you can't see please email to us
Welche Version wird zur Zeit angeboten ?
May 22, 2017
version : v46 2014.8 version

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