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hi i need to know if this item SKU:OBD10153-BT can support ford chrysler and gm and how fast you will send me the activation code when i need to activate the product and if this can be use in windows xp and how i will get updates and if they work in trucks and cars thanks
February 7, 2014
Hello,friend It support ford chrysler and gm . The newest version can not use on XP now. We will provide update and it works with cars and trucks. Best Regards Xcar360
Does it work with windows 7 32bit?
February 10, 2014
Hello,friend Yes it work well on WIN7 32&64 bit. Best Regards Xcar360
And how long is the shipping?
February 10, 2014
Hello,friend It in stock.After you place the order ,it will been shipped in 48 hours. we provide 3 ship methods now. DHL:5~7days EMS:10~15days Air post:20~40days. Best Regards Xcar360
Hi. How you mean can not use on XP?
March 2, 2014
The newest software can't support xp now.
Hi what is the difference between SKU:OBD10153-BT and your other auto com units? thanks
March 10, 2014
This one is with all original chips and functions. It have BT function and nec chips than orthers. Best Regards Xcar360
Hi How is the sortware activated ? is it with keygen? can i use on a notebook without dvd drive?Can you use internet when using it.
March 11, 2014
Hello, we will provide activation service. You could install the software on a notebook without dvd drive. You could go online. As updating, we will provide online updating service. Item in the following link supports bluetooth function: Best regards
Is this the best autocom ? Do you have a better one? thanks
April 9, 2014
Yes, this is the best one. It supports buetooth function.
What are the functional differences between -->Xcar CDP + für PKW und LKW Bluetooth-Version Originalversion -->Neues Design Xcar CDP + für PKW und LKW mit Tragetasche -->Xcar360 2013 Release 3 Xcar CDP Pro + CAR + TRUCK + generische 3 in 1 Kostenlose Aktivierung -->Neues Design Xcar360 CDP + für Pkw und Lkw ohne Koffer -->Xcar360 CDP-Plus für Autos + LKW + generische 3 in 1 mit LED-Kabel -->Xcar CDP + PRO für Cars & Trucks & generische 3 in 1 (beste Qualität) -->Delphi Diagnose-Tools & Equipment DS150E Bluetooth-Version Does all of them work with Würth WOW Diagnostic?
April 18, 2014
Hi,friend We have those versions. 1.Autocom cdp bluetooth version(gold) 2.Autocom new cdp 3.autocom new cdp bluetooth version The 1 is different from 2 and 3,2 and 3 is same. We not test wow diagnostic.... More quesitons You can send email to us. Best Regards Xcar360
Hello , I have just received this product ,has version 2013.1 , 2013.3 can i use what I have in my pc ?
May 6, 2014
Please use the software in the cd which we sent to you. Best regards
Hello , I have had problems with bluetooth , in hardware configuration device appears and after several attempts, test ok but when i try to do diagnostic appears ICV NOT FOUND , it appears that the connection is very weak , any suggestions? Thanks
May 11, 2014
We should Remote Control your pc. Please send email to to talk the details. Best Regards Steven
Hi, is the CD with software included in the package(and which version) or must be ordered separately. Can I use this unit with 2013.1 on XP SP3 PC and in another time with 2013.3 on another computer(win7 64bit). How much will cost me shipping to Bulgaria. Thanks and best regards.
June 12, 2014
Hello, software cd includes in the package( version is 2013.1), we could send 2013,3 download link to you. Yes, you could use this unit with XP SP3 in one pc and another pc with win7 64bit. But you could only use one kind of software, 2013.1 or 2013.3. Which shipping method do you prefer ? DHL or airmail ?
Hi, which shipping method is better (more secure) and what is the price to Bulgaria. In my country there is import taxes for products above 15$. Could we do something :) Best regards.
June 13, 2014
Hi,friend We suggest DHL.You can place the order choose DHL shipping method. And we will try our best to help you avoid taxs. Best Regards Xcar360
what are the specifications or tech data of diagnostic tablet pc? tnx
October 17, 2014
Configuration: CPU Intel Baytrail-T 1.8G@4 Chipset Intel NM10 Express Chipset GPU Intel HD Graphics Gen7 Memory Capacity 2GB Tablet Data Capacity 32GB SSD Screen Size 9.7"(1024*768) Touch Screen Type IPS OS WIN7 (8) WIFI 802.11 b/g/n(Support NEW WIFI Autocom) Bluetooth Bluetooth3.0 Gravity sensing YES Camer 3.0M Power/Battery AC110-240V input,19V 2A DC in, 6400mAh Lion battery
Will the 2014.2 version on your website work ? I have 2014.1 running atm. Do i need to upgrade the firmware aswell ? tnx
December 11, 2014
Hi,friend No need upgrade the firmware. Best Regards Steven
Could you send me a device that is only motherboard and OBDcable , without the house and software ?? Very important becausey alll costum officer hunting this colne device and softwer in the EU.
January 15, 2015
Hi,friend Yes, we can do this , when you place order you can remark it. Best Regards Steven
Hi wenn ich die ( CDP + für Pkw und LKW Bluetooth Originalversion 2014) kaufe. Welche Software ist dabei? Unterstützen sie Autocom und Delphi beide with ihre hardware? B.r Autodoktor Kassel
January 31, 2015
Hi,friend We will provide delphi software.if you need autocom , we provide download link Best Regards Steven
hello can this erase service lamps.
March 12, 2015
Yes, it can do this functicion
how much it cost me if you send it to southafrica. The total cost including courier services +this unit (interface)+car cables
March 23, 2015
Hi,friend You can place order directly on our website About $198 Best Regards Steven
Does the Interface work with Delphi Autocom 02.2014 and Würth WOW 5.03? Regards Paul
April 3, 2015
Hi,friend Yes, it works on these two software Best Regards Steven

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