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does this new mw icom comes with software or computer hardisc ?
August 30, 2013
hello,my friend you can choose the software and computer in select table. Best Regards xcar360
Hi what's computer can suit for it. I need it fast Thank you.
September 13, 2013
Hello,friend It can work with DELL D630,Lenevo e47,e49,
Hi The software ISITA/D/P late virsion 2013/07 can use with bmw 5 series F10 to programming,coding, and adaption compounent. Is that right? and If I make an order now .when I can recieve it . I leave in THAILAND Thank you.
September 15, 2013
Hello,friend it is supported bmw 5 . it need 4~7days you can received the device. Best Regards Xcar360
hi I need your help. I received my ordered, Thank you ! Please tell me how to set up WLAN. WLAN no run on my D630. thank you!
November 22, 2013
pls send an email to for the problems of your product , thanks Amy Yi
Hi I would like to know if its possible to install two softwares for bmw icom and MB SD connect compact 4 in one laptop plus both hardwares and plz the cost how much it will cost me thank u
January 16, 2014
Hello, you could not install them on same pc as software of MB SD and bmw icom are both large. They should be install on different HDD. That means when you get two tools, you have two HDD. By the way, each of hdd includes a independent operating system. So they could not be used on same pc. Wish you could understand this situation. Best regards
Hello, I want to buy this tool from you and I want to know if it has plastic protective carrying case? If not, how much it will cost? Because I want the plastic case too.
April 17, 2014
Hello,friend This price is not include the plastic box. If you need it.please send the photo to He will tell you the price. Best Regards Xcar360
Hello, Your Best quality BMW ICOM A2+B+C supports the firmware upgrade? Regards
December 5, 2014
Hi,friend Yes,our best quality BMW ICOM A2 support firmware upgrade!. Best Regards Steven
Hello can i use my software on this tool? Is firmware able to update? Thanks
January 15, 2015
Hi,friend Yes, it can work on your software. ours support firmware update. Best Regards Steven
hard disk works with lenovo x201 software in polish?
January 21, 2015
Hi,friend Yes, we have HDD for lenovo x201 polish. Best Regards Steven
Hello, this set is complete, including software and service manual? He is up to date 2015? How quickly send and how much?
March 21, 2015
Hi,friend You can choose last software on optional . yes is 2015R2 version It is free shipping , about 3~7days arrived
Can you declare 150usd?? the tax my country is very hight
May 5, 2015
Hi,friend Yes, we can write value $150 on invocie Best Regards Steven
Is this suitable for 2015 BMW X3 F25 year model? Can I buy locally in China and shipped to Shanghai?
May 15, 2015
Hi,friend Yes , it support it. If shanghai ,please contact email Best Regards Steven
Hi. Can you supply bmw icom a2 high-quality Interface and OBD cable, do not require order cables. Kind regard. Bobo
May 16, 2015
Hi,friend Yes, please tell us how many pcs you want? Best Regards Steven
Hi. Does this icon come with the latest firmware Regard.
September 3, 2015
Hi,friend Yes, it is last firmware best regards Steven
Hi Steven, Can you supply the new BMW icom a3. Also do you know are the BMW a3 icom more reliable than the BMW a2 icom. Kind regard Bobbo
September 5, 2015
Hi,friend yes, we have but we don't reconmmend it it is change from A1 we suggest buy A2 Best Regards Steven
Hi what version is the latest software?
October 18, 2015
Hi,friend yes , it is 2015.08 software now
Hello very interested in this icom, i already have dealer software, from bmw, can i still use this icom, without having any problems? it does not go online. only for offline use.....
October 30, 2015
Yes, friend without problem. ours can use on dealer software best regards Steven
hi I have a D630 bought from this site(with c4). Can you send me hdd for fit D630? I am waiting for your anwer.
June 23, 2016
yes, we have HDD can fit D630
hi thank you for answer. if I ask for you, can you recommend for bmw diagnostic tool? I have used icom A2 for bmw, but this one can not run for F-series. so I need new tool. thank you.
June 24, 2016
Hi,friend it works on F.series if yours not , maybe it is broken Best Regards Steven
I just bought this and it can't detect cars 2013 and up, I am running latest ISTA/D
August 25, 2016
Hi,friend Can you send more details to
Hi, wifi on A2 is using internal mini pci board or with USB dongle ? Thanks
April 23, 2017
WIFI ON A2 is internal mini pci board . USB dongle is for laptop The email have some problem please reply email to Skype:uuc050
Hi. Do you have to pay customs when you buy this product?
June 10, 2017
Hi,friend about this you can tell me where are you from Please send email to Best Regards Steven

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