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-what else I need to program a bmw 318i e36 -can be installed on any pc
March 5, 2012
It could program a bmw 318i e36 without nothing. I can insall on any PC.
How much for dk yellow head WITHOUT software?
March 5, 2012
Price for dk yellow head WITHOUT software is $220.
The HDD that is supplied with this GT1, are you required to load it onto your laptop or is it connected via a USB cable?
July 3, 2012
Dear Salem Homairi, Hello, I'm so happy to help you. You may connect the BMW GT1 SSS DIS HDD with your PC via USB cable, then you shall install &run the scanner software. Best regards
July 3, 2012
Dear Monty, Hello, this product should work on windows xp system, 32 bit. wish you have a nice day. Best regards
Going to put this atrilce to good use now.
June 25, 2012
Dear sir, Thank you so much for your support, we'll provide you good products with nice quality and service as usual. Best regards
Can i buy dk yellow head and 2 cable ...below much ? 1. GT1 main 2. Network cable 3. GT1 for vehicles with OBII diagnostic connector
April 14, 2013
hello, my friend. BMW GT1 SSS DIS - BMW GT1 Diagnose and Programming Tool DIS V57 SSS V39 HDD Choose: HDD For ANY PC Box Type: NO BOX 1 $459.00 Subtotal $459.00 best regards
What is the difference between the "BMW GT1 SSS DIS V57 SSS V39" and the "BMW GT1 OPS DIS V57 SSS V39"? And, Will either one of them work on Windows 7 64bit or Vista?
November 23, 2012
Hello, i'm so glad to help you, BMW GT1 SSS DIS V57 SSS V39 including the BMW GT1 tester and the hard disk, all you have to do is choose the right hard disk for your laptop. However, the BMW GT1 OPS DIS V57 SSS V39 is prepared for those who had the BMW GT1 tester, this is just an external hard disk for any PC. Thanks.
Hello Can I get network cable between GT1 and diagnostic head? What is price? Markku
March 26, 2013
Yes,you can see this page
Hola, m intersa saber si el DIS esta disponible en español??
April 15, 2013
Hello, GT1 dose not support Spanish. BMW icom support it.
Hallo, ich brauche das hauptgerät (gelb) und das 5m kabel. Kann ich das einzeln kaufen.? wenn ja,was kstet es.
November 4, 2015
Hi,friend yes, you can buy it here

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