Become The Most Powerful Dropshipper
Why drop ship from us?
  • Easy payment for bulk orders
  • Products dropshipped directly to your buyers
  • Download on demand categories / products information / logo images
  • Pay only after you sold a product and collected the money from your buyers More feature coming soon(Turnkey hosted online store,order tracking, etc.)
  • Instant access 10K+ products at lowest price
Dropshipping is a business model on which retailers order products from suppliers and suppliers directly ship products to end customers.

Run an online shop with zero inventory. As long as you apply for a dropshipping member on our website, we will provide you all of textual and graphic files as well as video data. You can sell these products online( Ebay self-operated B2C or other platform) and offline( entity store, direct sale or other sale mode).

Once the transaction has been reached, you only need to set an order on our site and inform us a correct consignee address and contact information. Then we will send the product to your customers. So you can easily get benefit from the price difference between our special price of Dropshipping and your retail price.

We will be responsible for product store, packing, shipping and after-sale service, which can not only reduce your trading risk, but also effectively save your time and money.
  • Advantage
  • Procedure
  • Case Display
When retailers submit applications of Dropshipping, we will regard them as a member of primary VIP customer base, then set rate in accordance with customer’s transaction amount per month.
Customer Base Total Purchase Quantity Discount Picture Video
VIP1 700~1500USD 1.5% 20 none
VIP2 1500~3000USD 3% 50 3
VIP3 3000~5000USD 5% 100 5
VIP4 5000~10000USD 7.5% Unlimited 10
VIP5 10000USD 10% Unlimited Unlimited
Single order
1.Retailer can select product on our website and add it to Shopping Cart, then the payment page will automatically present a Dropshipping price according to customer rate.
2.When the payment be processed, retailers should indicate detailed consignee address and contact information of recipient.
Mass orders
A. Set orders on site
1.Retailers can select products on our website, and add them into Shopping Cart, then the payment page will present Dropping price in accordance with customer rate.
2.When the payment be processed, retailers should indicate detailed consignee address and contact information of recipients.
B.Set orders via customer service staff
1.Retailers should provide us the order details with an Excel form.
Product Name or URL Quantity Notes Consignee Address
Retailers can note the version, model and other related options on product page.
2.When the form is finished, please send it to our customer service staff.
3.Customer service staff calculate the amount of money.
4.Customer service staff feedback retailers a specific bill.
5.Retailers processed the payment.
Order products which are not displayed on Xcar360
1.Retailers can contact our customer service staff, and inform us the name and quantity of the product you need as well as maximum acceptable price.
2.Xcar360 procure products.
3.Customer service staff communicate the price with retailers.
4.Retailers processed the payment and inform us specific consignee information.