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BMW Scanner 1.4.0 / Car Diagnostic Interface Tool Code Reader

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Average rating:4.5



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BMW Scanner 1.4.0 v is a scan tool for BMW cars which can read code and save code in the files, copy ZCS and FA code,read and serach VIN odometer value and DTCS, etc.BMW scanner 1.4.0 can work good on BMW old cars.

BMW Scanner 1.4.0 Will Work on the Follow OBDI & OBDII BMW Models.

1992 - 1999 E36: 3-Series
1999 - 2006 E46: 3-Series
1996 - 2003 E39: 5-Series
1995 - 2001 E38: 7-Series
2000 - 2006 E53: X5 ; E83 - X3 ; E85 - Z4
** Will have less features on BMWs older than 1998.


For PFL (E46) you might need an OBD converter cable; BMW 20PIN old cable

High quality!Never locking.

Because of CD always broken when transf so we don't send CD now

software download here (PA soft bmw scanner 1.4.0)

BMW Scanner 1.4.0 Short functions list:
Determination of chassis, model, engine, gearbox and complete set
Searching of all units and reading:
dentification data
odometer value
programming info (UIF)
errors (DTC)
Reading and saving in files:
program memory
coding data
amount of DTCs and DTCs shadow-memory
live data
programming info (User Info Fields)
Copying ZCS (IKE - EWS) and FA (IKE - LCM) coding
and other functions in various units

BMW Scanner 1.4.0 "Unlocked" functions to show possibilities of full version:
DTCs description in DME MS43.0, EWS3, SRS MRS4
Clearing DTCs in same units
EWS-DME synchronization code in DME MS43.0
Live data in DME MS43.0, EWS3, SRS MRS2 and MRS4
Status of all keys in EWS3
EWS3 coding data interpretation
Equipment correction in SRS MRS4


BMW Scanner 1.4.0

BMW Scanner 1.4.0

BMW Scanner 1.4.0

BMW Scanner 1.4.0

Wholesale Contact Information

Email: sales@xcar360.com
Skype: uuc050
MSN: sales@xcar360.com

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Product Reviews

Name Rating Review
James D
(Posted on 2016-07-22)
Worked right out of the box. I used it to diagnose an ABS error that has been causing my DSC to activate sporadically (not fun). I also programmed a few of the convenience features available on the car. Great buy. For anyone who cares, I was able to install a working version of the software on a Vista 32-bit machine.
P. Czechowicz
(Posted on 2016-06-10)
Worked without issue on my '01 e38 and running on an old XP laptop. Pins 7 & 8 are already soldered as is necessary for these OBD connectors to work. Word of advice, if you have the round 20 pin under your hood, you'll need an OBD 16 pin to 20 pin adapter as well since you can only read a few modules through the OBD while the rest have to be under the hood.
Chris Comfort
(Posted on 2016-05-20)
if i could give this 10 stars I would. One very important note - I almost tossed this in the trash as it would only read a small subset of the obd data and not srs or airbag data or even allow reprogramming. After much research I found out that I have a bmw 328 that has both the in car obd connection as well as the under hood round 20 pin bmw diag connector. In BMW e46's built prior to mid 2000 you must jump pin 2 to 17 and pin 2 to 20 on the round under hood connector for this in car obd reader to be able to access all of the diagnostics. Be sure to google the BMW forums if you have any questions. I did read the z3 and some other bmw used the round connect thru 2007. Also be careful on jumping the pins on the round connector as I round a few incorrect diagrams. All in all this tool rocks the house. Finally you dont need windows xp. google ftdi chip d2xx drivers and you will find working drivers for windows 10. I am running it on windows 10
(Posted on 2016-05-19)
It's not the easiest tool to get up and running, but once it's working, it's an invaluable asset in my toolbox. I like it so much, I bought two, just in case one fails. It's a perfect, lightweight companion to the more powerful INPA/EDIABAS computer system. I love how easy it is to reprogram modules, and especially, the lighting computer. Turning off the cold check flickers, LED bulb warning messages, and other cool stuff (like dimming the brightness of the angel eyes) is all easy to do.
Martin C.
(Posted on 2016-04-05)
Works. Mine came with a bad USB cable. That's really annoying since it took a while for the try-n-error to exchange the cable. I thought there was a problem with the car. Another problem is that in older cars, for example my 2004 3-series, it will not read engine codes. It will read most sections but not the DME (engine) section. To fix this you need to make a solder bridge to connect pins 7 and 8 together. Do this if you can read most sections but DME comes up blank. The software makes no attempt to explain what the codes do beyond a basic string that is rarely clear. You will need to look up things on forums. Don't worry about it, your BMW dealer's people do that, too. Just make sure your laptop doesn't crash in the middle of writing or the like. But in the end it does work. I could set the flashing on unlock, the daylight running lights, the oil service reminder, all those "coding" goodies you read about.
(Posted on 2016-04-03)
hello to all where can i download the correct software+drivers will include my review after install is final and working. thanks


Yes, friend 

please download it here


(Posted on 2016-03-18)
product received without software. please advise


software download link here


Tyler Wood
(Posted on 2016-03-12)
I received this yesterday and was able to get it installed and functioning on an old IMB Windows XP laptop. I would venture to guess using a VM version of XP would also work. I was able to navigate my 02 BMW M5 computers to clear some codes and adjust some settings. Rolling up the windows with the remote is a particularly welcome feature I was able to activate! For future buyers, please be aware that there are very limited instructions regarding the functionality of the device or what the codes and acronyms mean. It would be very easy to make adjustments that could damage your car's functionality so it's imperative that caution is used!!!
(Posted on 2016-03-08)
Thanks, very quick delivery. But did not receive the software cd?



Software please download 

here 3.9M


(Posted on 2016-02-07)
The product did not come with a CD and the download links on this site are not working. Can I get an acitve link please? Thanks KM


Yes, friend 

download link


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Product Consulting

Hello there. Will this work with Windows Vista, please. Many thanks, regards, Mike. E.Mail: davisrb44@aol.com
June 27, 2012
Dear sir Hello, bmw 1.4.0 should be used on windows xp system,32 bit. Best regards xcar360.com Fiona
What is the shipping cost for this to the US? I see HK registered Post is free, but does this option go to the US? Or do I need to us DHL? Thanks.
November 27, 2012
Hello, here is the shipping cost to US, please check it, thanks. DHL - $24.20 EMS - $24.62 HK POST - $0.00
How do I get to the coding pages? Any help would be VERY much appreciated! Jay
November 27, 2012
Hello, on picture 5 of my website- you'll find the "Coding data" button on the left side, thanks.
Gostaria de comprar o scanner. Vc envia para o Brasil? Chega em quantos dias? Qual o preço total.
November 15, 2012
Hello Sir, FREE HK POST TO Brazil, 15-30 days, grand total: $34.00.
Hi will this work for apple Mac users? or just windows xp?
November 19, 2012
No apple macbook, only run on windows xp system.
Can I use this with a apple MacBook Pro?
November 19, 2012
I'm sorry this program can only run on Windows XP system, thanks for your visiting.
Hello. I was wondering how long it is going to take to get the product to Edmonton AB Canada?
December 4, 2012
Hello, the delivery time is DHL 3-7 days, EMS 7-15 days, HK POST 15-30 days, thanks.
Hi. i like to order one of the scanners.Does it come with a cable or i have to buy that separate? Do you guys have it in stock if i need to buy it separate? and can i install this with 64 bit windows? Thanks. waiting for your reply. cheers
December 4, 2012
Hello, the software best fit the windows xp system sp2/sp3, 32 bit.
are these in stock right now?
December 13, 2012
Always at your service! Any time, anywhere we'll delivery it to your home/office, have a nice day!
Hi Will this work with my bmw 2001 330cic E46?
January 16, 2013
Hi,friend yes,it can work with your car. Best Regards Xcar360

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