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BMW diangose BMW ICOM A2 wifi ISTA ISSS EVG7 BMW Diagnostic System


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The BMW ICOM Diagnose system set is the new generation BMW diagnostic system and the official system in BMW NL for coding / programming of vehicle modules on all BMW cars, BMW Motorcycle, Mini Cooper and R & R.

ICOM A2 stands for Integrated Communication Optical Module (Interface), is a high performance system which has the GT1 diagnostic head and the OPS diagnostic head completely replaced since the beginning of 2010. This new diagnostic system work with ISTA / D replaces all previous DIS and SSS versions and the new diagnostic generation of BMW and is supplied as a complete kit with the base unit (ICOM A), the unit (ICOM B) and 20 pin adapter (ICOM C ), operating EVG7 laptop and Related network cable / USB cable. Note the adapter (BMW ICOM D) It is necessary for BMW motorcycles which with us Optionally available including the BMW motorcycle repair DVD. This system is suitable for all BMW vehicles, and can only with this system, the new BMW F models are diagnosed, so it is therefore for all BMW vehicles built in 1992 - 2014 (current).

BMW ICOM can also be used on the two wheeler category do this, read the Optional adapters available (ICOM D) for motorcycle necessary which also comes with a BMW repair DVD for motorcycles. The system can also be used to group any Related brands, it is also possible to diagnose the  vehicle brand "BMW Mini" , Rolls Royce & . The diagnosis itself is menu-guided, local and as a standalone system completely off with the aid of the set supplied and operation Prepare powerful touch screen laptop. In this case, the system supports you in the originals BMW diagnostic manufacturers and also provide you with technical documentation (instructions, symptoms, repair Manual, similar to the earlier BMW TIS) enabling you insight into technical Documentation like age appropriate repairs are carried out.

BMW ICOM is adaptive and scalable i.e. whichever you vehicle / model diagnosing or encoding want the ICOM A, B or C are at the Set (Optional for BMW Motorcycles ICOM D) for disposal may for example ICOM C (20 pin adapter) can be simply plugged be taken to the ICOM A / B (base unit) and the diagnosis of older BMW are performed with rounds diagnostic connector, or in newer BMW only the base unit ICOM A with integroerten OBD-II connector etc., the system is set so adaptive to each BMW model.

BMW ICOM A2 WIFI diagnostic set!

we will setting WIFI function of ICOM A2


The coding (programming the vehicle modules)
which systems at BMW NL otherwise only certified online is reserved for locally performed at our system completely off (Stand alone) thus it is possible not only the diagnosis but also the coding of the vehicle modules offline (without BMW Server as only possible as usual) and at no extra cost to perform what is very important since you into their "Werkstatleben" and have the situation ECUs Falshen or to encode and since bekantlich any coding not only money but also your time would take, we save you this with our system.

The tray contained in these set PC touch screen laptop is aware equipped with high performances and of course NATIVE IMPORTANT SOFTWARE (more on this below) allows you so special in the offline programming of BMW modules carry this out without interruption! Surely it should be known what would happen if a would take place "interruption" of about programmiernde module, it would indeed be destroyed because the half only writing will be (though we can also help you here with our special modules but this is not the purpose of this description) and from this reason, our systems are precisely designed for optimal components, by the way when we are no matter whether flashing or programming we recommend our special BMW & Mercedes charger for this work so that when you put programming experience is not bad surprises please no normal Chargers while encoding modules, a BMW!

So you need with our system only one working, just plug in the vehicle and diagnose, local, practical and completely offline without any extra cost and waste of time! And if you do not know the system and have never worked with no problem! Our Free Personal delivery service to the system has a real and directly to your BMW vehicle.

Many otherwise BMW ICOM systems with so-called VM Ware (Virtual software) offered at 90% with good reason, but only to the dealer because they can be installed on any laptop in minutes instead of hours, poor but for buyers since this software enormously consumes memory and the latop up to 80% more capacity than systems Native guaranteed in the coding which particularly at BMW for several hours, sometimes days takes preprogrammed Interruption times austeigt and with the control units you dan a problem, is also slow, not upgradeable and auserdem besitzten VM Ware software no expert mode !.

Not so with our systems we use with good reason, only NATIVE (natural installations and hardware environment such as BMW and not emulated VM Ware) Native systems are in clear text real physical exactly the same systems that both the hardware and software, the systems at BMW NL correspond mind without VM Ware / simulation. Only certain laptops correspond to the hardware of the Diagnosesaptops in BMW, these laptops are by how much experience and technical know so modifies the normal installation and BMW ISTA / D and / P without any use of virtual maschinen is possible. Only a virgin system is incidentally also updateable, also our systems with expert mode provided for special functions to here and there over the "other" to be able to encode Moreover, our systems are supplied with a free delivered iBAC code generator which for the required codes Subsequent conversion or calculated and fitted it possible with the BMW ICOM makes coding ...

Our SYSTEMS offer both the diagnosis ISTA / D and coding / programming ISTA / P each current data object in a system as Native Software understood without having to buy an extra Desktop for coding of the modules.
• Our BMW ICOM does not terminate after 14 days if you want to program as this term are Independent and especially flashed.
• Updates we have no extra costs for firmware update rather we have here in response its own private and only existing online server for online updates, and not only for the BMW system (more on this below also)

• Delivery of the system:
• BMW ICOM A2 interface module complete A2 + B + C
• BMW Adapter / Cable 20 pin adapter, Ethernet cable, USB cable, OBD-II adapter
• EVG7 touch screen diagnostic laptop Ready: Dual Core, 4GB Ram, WiFi, 500GB HDD,
• Languages diagnosis:Multilingual English, German, Chinese,Korean, Russian(other languages as needed)
• Coding Languages: Multilingual
• Warranty: 12 months on hardware
• Optional: Special charger for programming, motorcycle adapter



BMW ICOM A2 wifi work status!

A. WIFI directly connect like MB Star 
bmw icom a2 wifi

B: workshop wifi connection

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Skype: uuc050

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Hi. I m interested to by this set. i would like to know if you can install e-sys and ncsexpert software on evg7 so it is ready for work. I know that e-sys works with icom interface but i dont know about nceexpert. If needed can you add k+dkan interface? I will pay the extra charges of course. The main thing for me is that everything is checked and is in working order!!! Thanks!
April 24, 2015
Hi,friend Yes, all software installed , e-sys , nsc , etk , inpa... and ready for work. no need k+dcan interface additional . Best Regards Steven
Hi, Is this product in stock? How durable is it? I want to place order now if it is in stock VALENTINE
July 22, 2015
Hi,friend Yes, it is in stock We can send it soon! Best Regards Steven

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