Useful small software for xentry DAS SYSTEM

1.Fdok keygen

This is for getting the FDOK CODE disable adblue system.

2.Smart Tan caculator

This can get the code to set Smart car special system

3. XD Caculator

When make special setting like airbag , radio or EZS,  it need a code, this keygen can get the code.


Mb STAR xentry system


FDOK KG by ImmoPinCode.7z 370 KB!4x0mTIbB!GnaJxuD-kR2UMhWWdfD5tdPyvT39wCSTIEnDJ69eBog

Smart Tan Calculator.7z 726 KB!50QGnZTT!ftyHGzvNh-N8_c4VEIKsPABjI3bv1qx2fUoth9XY3P4

XD calculator.7z 1.0 MB!othwgD4I!SVZz3S0Y6yNwzch7EcPbuiOYVHlJV4BaY6qIOYWZgpY

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