Xentry connect use tips

Which steps will be required before you can begin diagnosis?

These brief instructions provide a simplified overview.

Also read through the following chapters in this user guide under all circumstances to enable you to work properly with the XENTRY system.

Step 1: Switch on both devices.

Step 2: Configuration of both devices for your network, i.e. you have to configure the XENTRY Connect and XENTRY Tab 2.

Step 3: Call the XENTRY Control software using the link on the XENTRY Tab 2.

Step 4: Connection to a free XENTRY Connect with which you would like to work.

Step 5: Usual work procedure: once the connection to the XENTRY Connect has been established, you will see the Diagnosis Desktop. This runs on the XENTRY Connect. Here, you can launch and continue to work as usual with familiar diagnostic programs such as e.g. XENTRY Diagnostics.