ECU diagnosis often when the program to brush out the ECU, the general non-developers are using the diagnostic brush program. Some can use the ECU vendor to provide a small software brush program. Because the application environment is different, maintenance personnel brush procedures need to consider more permissions and stability requirements, then talk about the use of diagnostic brush program, the diagnostic apparatus which services are called. This is the default using UDS diagnostic protocol. The Flash process here is common to all ECUs.

Flash process
1. Change the ECU status to the extended state; call Session Control = Extended Session

2. Read the ECU ID information, check the hardware information and the old software version number; call Read Data by Identify

3. Check whether the conditions of the brush ECU are ready, such as whether the engine is off; call the written Routine

4. Close the DTC service; call Control DTC Setting = off

5. Turn off CAN communication; call Comunication Control

6. Change the ECU status to start programming; call Session Control = Start Programm

7. Diagnostic instrument authorization; call Security Assess

8. Update the history, record the time and success of each brush program; call Write Data by ID-Write Fingerprint

9. Download the first part of the driver to remove the software; call Request Download

10. Delete the old software; call Routine

11. Download the second part of the driver for downloading new software; call Request Download

12. Download the new software; call Request Download

13. Verify that the software is authorized; call Routine

14. Check the software is complete; call Routine

15. Set the parameter variable, usually according to the old software parameters; call Write Data by Identify

16. Restart the ECU; call ECU Reset

17. Reboot CAN communication; call Communication Control

18. Restart the DTC service; call Control DTC

19. End of diagnosis, change the ECU as the default state; call Session Control = default Session

Above for the entire brush ECU process, hoping to let everyone understand the UDS service specifically what is the meaning and how the application in the diagnostic process.