All Hyundai/KIA GDS Multilingual (2010-2016) on torrent

Device : Hyundai KIA global diagnostic system

Hyundai/KIA GDS Multilingual (2010-2016) on torrent

The Global Diagnostic System (GDS) is the OEM diagnostic tool used by Hyundai and Kia dealers. GDS offers complete diagnostic and reprogramming capabilities for all Hyundai and Kia vehicles as well as a comprehensive maintenance and service information database. 
With highly advanced hardware and extensive software capabilities, GDS provides a complete diagnostic and service solution for any Hyundai or Kia vehicle. The GDS software features complete service and troubleshooting information as well
as detailed repair and maintenance instructions.

Vehicle Information
- Checks Production / Sales information, and warranty history for selected VIN, PC should be connected with Internet access the information.
Hot Fix
- Checks various bulletins data information, GDS offers a search function that allows a search with DTC, Symptom, Vehicle(Model) and VIN Warranty History
- Checks the warranty history of vehicle by selected VIN
Vehicle Performance Test
- Support the Standard List and Step of Test for the Prevent Maintenance Service.
Data Analysis
- Checks “Current Data” and related information through communication with a control module that uses VCI Scan tool function.
DTC Analysis
- Checks DTC and related information confirmed by communication between VCI Scan Tool function and control module.
ECU Upgrade
- Automatic event selection by the vehicle and related information support according to the procedure.
Case Analysis
- Offers maintenance cases for selected trouble symptom chosen in Car selection function.
Part Catalog
- Parts Catalog can be used with a connection to the WPC.
Component Information
- Check the shop manual information, DTC Analysis guide, Circuit Diagram, Component Directionary, etc.
Circuit Diagram
- Circuit Diagram divided by types, years and engine displacement.
Labor Time
- Checks labor time by each case.

Here are images of all Hyundai/KIA GDS from 2010 till 2016 on torrents.

I recommend to use WIN7.
On empty windows installation must start from 2010 master DVD.
Then install 2016 update and languages pack.
Other updates (2011-2015) only for those who need it.
Of course you can install all updates. This will take you more then a day and many GBs on hard drive.

Hyundai GDS
E-H-03-01-0000 Hyundai GDS master 2010 25.61GB
E-H-03-04-0000 Hyundai GDS update 2012 15.22GB
E-H-03-07-0000 Hyundai GDS update 2013 22.28GB
E-H-03-09-0000 Hyundai GDS update 2014 25.25GB
E-H-03-10-0000 Hyundai GDS update 2015 32.43GB
E-H-03-11-0000 Hyundai GDS update 2016 35.85 GB

E-K-03-01-0000 KIA GDS master 2010 9.44GB
E-K-03-03-0000 KIA GDS update 2011 11.42GB
E-K-03-05-0000 KIA GDS update 2012 7.78GB
E-K-03-07-0000 KIA GDS update 2013 30.58GB
E-K-03-09-0000 KIA GDS update 2014 15.58GB
E-K-03-10-0000 KIA GDS update 2015 20.35GB
E-K-03-11-0000 KIA GDS update 2016 31.01GB

Language packs are included in torrents.
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