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Note as of 8-22-17 , .
Chrysler issued an update in July that effected many owners of the original Mopar MicroPod2 and the clones. I'm one of the people effected. So I started messing around trying this and trying that to see if I could get it working again as I need it to scan my own family members vehicle. 
So I started looking into MicroPod2 issues and maybe its a firmware problem or something along that nature. Well the Micropod Model ID does cause an issue because its now on a blacklist unless you register your device. 
When playing around I found a string in one of the files that I deleted and I was able to connect to my vehicle again....
So using the latest 17.04.27 Witech I removed this one line of code and I get an error once connected to my car about the whole Witech 2.0/1.0 crap.....
So I removed the Witech 17.04.27 software and jumped backwards to Witech 16.05.15. I went back in and removed the same line of code and reconnected to my car. I would get an error message of "*********" . So I ignored it and "X"'d out the window. Clicked "Next" so the next screen shows up and I selected "Offline" for usage. 
Now keep in mind this whole time I am "NOT" connected to the internet!!!
Using Witech 16.05.15 I was able to connect to my vehicle without any issues at all! Now someone may know a fix around the error window that pops up and that's great, I'm hoping someone figures that out 

Anyways, in the added pictures you will see the error screen that pops up when using Witech 17.04.27 and then the actual connection to my vehicle when using Witech 16.05.15. (pictures are now removed)
Now I have tested various versions of Witech to see if I can make it to the connection screen to where it wants to connect to the car. Granted I was "NOT" at my car when the software was trying to connect as I tried 8 different versions of Witech in the past 3 1/2 hours and I did not want to go back and forth trying each one. It's also currently 2:41am while I'm typing this....
Now the code I changed was in the Witech software itself. I went to the file:
"PM me for the information"
Then edited the file titled "********"
There is a line in that code about half way down in a section titled "*****". I simply deleted the code for *************....
You may need an editor to do this, but my "NotePad" allowed me to edit it. Here is what I deleted:

"As of 8-19-17 the info is no longer posted"

Now your "value" may be different, I don't know as I'm not a programmer....
Once I deleted that section using the notepad, I saved the file. Closed everything out and restarted the witech server and the witech software and I was able to connect to my car. 
Remember, my internet was SHUT OFF while doing this 
Hope this helps you out, and maybe there will be more people chiming in on this topic

(as of 8-20-17)
Using MicroPod2 Clone
PC used: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit with SP1
Also used MacBook Pro running Parallels with Win7
Witech verified to connect: Vs 16.01.18 / 16.04.10 / 16.05.15 / 17.01.18 / 17.03.10/17.04.27

witech softwarewitech 16.04.10

witech software16.05.15

witech device pod2