How to use PIWIS 2 tester Tampering with DME map data

tool and system : Porshce piwis 2 system

Information: Modifications to the hardware and software of the DME control module is not allowed.

Any alterations in the electronics or software (e.g. in order to improve the engine performance) may

have various effects, including a change in the permissible values for fuel consumption or exhaust and

noise emissions.

Starting with MY’02 911 Turbo (996) and MY’02 911 (996), you are able to perform a system test to

see whether the DME map data has been tampered with.

PST2 software version 12.0 and higher is able to perform this function.

Tampering with the DME map data will void the warranty.

Work Procedure: 1. Connect PST2 to the diagnostic socket; switch on the PST2.

2. When the PST2 is operational, select the Vehicle type from the Start menu.

3. Start the Automatic control unit search and wait until the search is completed.

4. In the function “Control units”, select DME.

5. In the menu “Function selection”, select “Control unit programming”.

6. Then select “System check”.

7. Then enter the old DME code. (The code obtained from IPAS)

8. The PST2 now states “Switch off ignition”.

9. The PST2 now states “Switch on ignition”.

10. After the system check, the following text appears in the info box in the PST2 display:

11. “Data record is OK” – indicates that there is no tampering.

12. “Data record was tampered with” – indicates that there is tampering.

13. Use the “ESC” button to return to the Start menu.