What is Xentry DAS Diagnostics?

Xentry DAS (Diagnostic Assistance System) is the complete diagnosis system that is used to troubleshoot Mercedes-Benz car problems and is the official Mercedes-Benz dealer software. It can configure, reprogram, initialization of new components, program, perform guided tests, read or erase fault codes in any of the systems including AirMatic, AirBag, SRS, EIS, Transmission, ETS, BAS,  and all of the control modules. DAS Xentry software requires the C3 Multiplexer Star or C4 SD Connect hardware or Xentry CONNECT C5 . The c3 multiplexer is an earlier model that was replaced by the C4 SD Connect. If you want use DAS C3, you will need a laptop with a serial port RS232 to connect the Multiplexer and run the Xentry software. if you use C4 , it can install in WIN7 system use WLAN OR LAN connect to car to do diagnosis . the C3 is stop use on 2012 in Mercedes shop. C4 is stop use after 2015 . but now C4 is support mercedes cars or trcuk which don't have DOIP  before 2017 .The Xentry connect C5  is the newest diagnosic tool of mercedes . it inlcude software in the machine . you can use is in any laptop with win7 system!

Where to buy the mb star c3 mb sd connect 4 or Xentry connect C5

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MB STAR C3 Multiplexer 

mb star c3



mb star c4



What is Developer Mode Extension for DAS. (offline programming) 

Developer extension of the DAS for Mercedes-Benz vehicles allows in-depth configuration and programming of the control units. This option is typically enabled for the factory version of the scanner. It was meant for development and testing purposes of the onboard electronic systems. It will allow the user to change the configuration of the car. For example, you can change the ECU, program to use a different engine model, change the speed limit or torque settings and a lot more. Using Developer Mode without knowing exactly what you are doing can be dangerous.  this functions can use on 2012 DAS. after this version is closed.

How to change the speed limiter on Mercedes-Benz?


(by youtube user Bayhas Kana)

Programming and modifications instructions.

For a more complete of programming that you can perform with Star Diagnostic tool visit this forum thread:

Programing Mercedes-Benz using Xentry DAS Star Diagnostic

What is SD Media? 

SDMedia (Star Diagnosis Media) is a collection of video, audio and text files that will help any technician gain knowledge on how to troubleshoot Mercedes-Benz cars.

What is WIS?

WIS.net stands for Workshop Information System. It has how-to information, instruction, digrams, specification data on how to perform any repair on Mercedes-Benz cars.

What is STAR Tekinfo

STAR TekInfo is the officail Mercedes-Benz USA LLC website that provides repair documentations and training. It is supported by MBUSA Dealer Workshop Services Department. It includes information on repairs, tools and scan tool diagnostic.  

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