The newest BMW Porduction level Diagnsotic tool ICOM P VCI For BMW ICOM P+B+C diagnosis And Programming Interface Wifi version support BMW G12 series car programming. Because P is BMW AG production service tool .

And if some poor quality ICOM a2 or next some can't support BMW G12

BMW ICOM P also support those functions

Some convenient settings that suit your driving habits at startup

01 Customized alarm time (seconds) when not wearing a seat belt
02 Disable Seat Belt Reminder - Passengers
03 Disable Seat Belt Reminder - Driver
04 After the ignition, the engine starts and stops in the state before the last flameout or the default is off by default.
05 Automatically unlock the engine after the engine stalls
06 The default mode after the engine starts is set to "Economy (Eco Economy) Mode"
07 The process of glass automatically rising to the top is not terminated by the opening of the car door
08 Open option: whether to turn on daytime running lights (angel eyes)
09 Setting highlight assist as "Automatic", automatic high-beam intersection control
10 Set the daytime running light (angel eyes) brightness (the original car defaults to the brightest)
11 Turn on the high beam light and turn on the fog light
12 unlock unlock sound confirmation, volume size adjustment
13 Automatically close the sunroof when it rains (it will cause the sunroof to need to be initialized and it will not start until 10 minutes after ignition).
14 After the fire turned off, the wiper returned to its original position
15 Automatically close the sunroof when it is raining under a tilt (this will cause the sunroof to initialize)
16 Set the number of turns of the turn signal when changing lanes (F30)
17 Open cic menu version check function (confirm CIC version)
18 3 kinds of Bluetooth phone ringtone selection
19 Increase the number of stored telephone numbers and messages in the car (from 25 to 50)
【Automatic constant temperature air conditioner】
20 Indoor cycling memory is the state of the last flameout
21 The last time the air conditioning memory was off
【Combination meter and navigation screen】
22 Display Engine Output Power and Torque Table on the Navigation Screen
23 Cancel large screen startup delay confirmation screen __
24 Rearview Camera Statement When Canceling Reverse
25 Suggested refueling points in navigation
26 Display speed limit information (hardware support required)
27 Torque Menu Display
28 automatic high beam
29 tire pressure monitoring
30 tire pressure and temperature display (hardware support required)
31 Chinese interface (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, etc.)
32 length units, miles to kilometers
33GPS time synchronization
34 Instrument Simulation Instantaneous Fuel Consumption 20 Change 30
35 Dash light is on
36 Dashboard is always on at night (535, GT, 7 Series, 530 parts)
37 Dashboard is always on during the day (535, GT, 7 Series, 530 parts)
38 Dashboard Gray (535, GT, 7 Series, 530 Parts)
39 Dashboard Orange or Grey (535, GT, 7 Series, 530 Parts)
40DS shows the current gear S1—S7
41 Header display (navigation distance, turn signal, etc.) (Hardware support required)
【Reversing Radar and Image】
42PDC reversing radar display horizontal and vertical transformation