BMW FSC / IBAC Generator v1.0.0.9

I have now decided to maintain this in it's own thread since some users are not finding the new versions here:-

Change Log for v1.0.0.9

1. Statusbar shows where Lookup.xml is used from.
2. Statusbar shows where IBacParameterList.xml is used from.
3. Clear MAP filter on new file open.
4. Fixed disabled buttons on FSC generate.
5. All none supported maps excluded from the list
6. Once fsc file opened maps list shown for correct AppID.
7. Added Map Code and Year Code display as a reference.
8. Other minor code improvements.
9. Added Admin Rights to bypass UAC issues for some users.

BMW FSC / IBAC Generator v1.0.0.9BMW FSC / IBAC Generator v1.0.0.9 download link

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