Many customer feedback .

recently the many customer have a same problem on FVDI or avdi

1. connecting to server failed

2. FVDI Calibration failed

the first probelm cause by the FVDI company update their server , they change a server , using the new server now .

so if you use quick loader 7.0  or 6.3 have this problem .

you should update it to 9.0

software download 

fvdi2015&2016  V9.0 Quick loader


2. FVDI Calibration failed .

this problem may have some reason .

1. if software not ok,  you should try use the right software  6.3 or  9.0 , then try

2. if software ok , please check the dirver of FVDI is ok not ot , it is a FTDI 2.10 driver , will install a com port . 

3. if driver also ok , please try to check the FVDI dongle is connect corret or have problem ,  you should first connect this dongle to fvdi , then try to connet fvdi to laptop to run it .

if still have problem please contact our sales


and you can also choose fvdi 2 stable verison 

1. FVDI 2014 offline verion , very stable price also good 

2. FVDI 2018 , add vvdi bmw vag functions , and new device more stable than fvdi 2015