Release Notes (December 2016 )

This release includes improved performance and bug fixes for MaxiSys series products,

Maxisys 906BT , maxisys 908 pro , maxisys elite .

MaxiSys Series


Ferrari (V2.10)  Fixed communication problems in F1 Gearbox for some models.

 Renault/Dacia (V3.80)  Added support for new models in 2016: CAPTUR/KAPTUR BR/IN/RU, SCENIC IV, KOLEOS II/QM6, KOLEOS II CN/QM6 CN, MEGANE IV SEDAN, ALASKAN;  Added support for Renault Samsung series;  Added 500 Hot Functions, such as DPF, Steering Wheel Alignment and Rear View Camera Adjustment.

Fiat (V6.00)  Added 500 special functions.


Subaru (V3.00)  Added support for VIN analysis and vehicle model selection;  Improved fault codes library and data stream library;  Improved program running and the response speed;  Added support for basic functions and important special functions for diesel engine;  Added some special functions such as AT Learning Mode and AT Bleeding Mode.  American

Ford (V 7.00)  Added support for Programmable Module Installation and Parameter Setting for models since 2008.

Chrysler (V8.00)  Added support for basic and special functions (except for online functions) on all 2017 vehicle models;  Improved performance of all special functions for old models. MaxiSys pro & 908 & 906


GMUSA(V9.90)  Fixed an issue that caused function failure in Cooling Fan in Engine in TrailBlazer for 2007 Chevrolet Truck;  Fixed an issue that caused failure in code clearing for some models of 2007 Chevrolet Captiva;  Fixed problems in code reading in Engine for some models of 2015 Chevrolet Aveo and 2014 Chevrolet Sail;  Fixed problems in code reading in Engine for 1997 GMC incomplete model.  Fixed an issue that caused function failure in special function Program Key Fob for 2006 Chevrolet Corvette;  Added Auto VIN Code Diagnosis for some models.

GM (V6.40)  Added Hot Function: Auto Reset;  Fixed an issue that might cause communication failure in Active Test and Live Data for 2015 Chevrolet and Sail;  Fixed an issue that might cause failure in Active Test, such as Pump Motor Test and Solenoid Valve Test, for2004 Chevrolet and Sail;  Fixed an issue that caused process problems in special function Steering Wheel Angle Sensor Centering in Power Steering Control Module for 2013 Chevrolet Cruze;  Fixed problems in Auto Bleeding in ABS for 2006-2010 GL8 and Firstland, 2006-2008 WG LaCROSSE and WL LaCROSSE;  Fixed bugs that caused error in Active Test and Live Data in Engine for 2005 GL8;  Optimized the menu display for Active Test and special functions to improve user experience.


Opel/Vauxhall (V5.00)  Fixed bugs in special function Program Idle Speed under 2004/Corsa - C/Engine/Z 10 XEP;  Fixed bugs in special function Regeneration D. Particulate Filter under 2011/Corsa-D/Engine/A 13 DTE;  Fixed bugs in Read & Clear Code under 2002-2004/Vectra-C / Signum /Body/ CIM (Steering Column Module);  Fixed bugs in special function DPF Service Regeneration under 2014/Vivaro (PH3)/ECM/Engine control module;  Fixed bugs in special functions Program Immobilizer, Program Transponder-key, Program Immobilizer Output, Reset Immobilizer and Program Mechanical Key Number under 2001-2004/ Astra-G/ Immobilizer;  Fixed bugs in special function Bleed Clutch Hydraulic under 2008/Corsa-D/TCM/MTA(Easytronic magneti marelli);  Fixed bugs in special function Program Vehicle Identification No. under 2003/ Meriva/BCM;  Added special function Program Special Vehicle under 2010-2014/Corsa-D/Engine/A 13 DTC. 

Benz (V7.00)  Fixed an issue that the screen will return to model selection interface when perform Auto Scan;  Fixed an issue that might cause function failure in Pressure Reservoir: Check Pretension Pressure in SBC system under Chassis 211.  Fixed an issue that might cause failure in code clearing in SRS under Chassis 168;  Improved VIN Code auto reading function;  Fixed an issue that caused function failure in Calibration of control unit ABR in SBC system for Chassis 221;  Fixed an issue that caused display error when reading fault codes during auto scanning in Transmission system under Chassis 251.

 VW (V9.00)  Optimized model menu for VW, FAW-Audi, SVW, FAW-VW, Seat, Skoda, Lamborghini and VW Commercial vehicles;  Added Guide function for brake pad replacement in EPB, and adds Auto Oil Reset function;  Added some Hot Functions such as Transport Mode and Injector Adaption. 

Benz (V7.00)(908 pro only)  Added diagnosis code guide function 

Porsche (V6.00)(Maxisys908)  Improved all basic functions and Hot function Service Reset for models 911(977), Boxster 987 and Cayman 987;  Added basic functions in DSN of Diesel engine for Old Cayenne.


Isuzu (V3.31)  Fixed an issue that DTC status failed to be displayed in DTC information interface for some systems.

Mitsubishi (V5.10) (MaxiSys 908 only)  Added support for Hot Function;  Allows users to perform tests according to systems. 

Hyundai(V6.51) (MaxiSys 908 only)  Optimized Smart Key Programming function and improved accuracy of the function;  Optimized the menu of Hot Function and improved speed of response and accuracy.