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AVDI ABRITES Commander for bmw and mini 2015 V10.4


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AVDI Abrites Commander for BMW, MINI is a PC - Windows based diagnostic software for dealer level access to the vehicle (identification, trouble codes and s.o.), calibration, key programming, programming vehicle order.

Notices´╝Ü2015 New hardware  has fixed the bug before and it support online update, the newest software is 2015 newest version BMW V10.4

Highligh: update (send us the device id ,we will send update package)

2.New hardware  has fixed the bug before.

3. Add Software Licensing online

4. 4 software in AVDI Abrites Commander for BMW, MINI   

   BMW V10.4 + ONE FREE software ($430)+ TAG key tool + Hyundai V2.1

Free software can chose one of these

Renault       v6.3 Ford        v4.9
opel            v6.6 Fiat          v5.7
PSA            v6.7 Toyota     v9.0
Nissan        v4.3 Volvo       v4.3
Mitsabishi  v2.1 Chrysler v3.3

Abrites Commander for BMW                                                        v10.4

* FSC code reading has been added. 
- Using the FSC codes you will be able to update the navigation maps with all their additional information (points of interest, petrol stations...) Please be informed that this function does not allow software version upgrades.
* Updated DTC
* Improved EGS Synchronization. 

Test report

  • New CAS Adapter read cas data include cas4
  • 1 : The bmw cas adapter read the cas data directly .
  • 2 : The tag key tools write the bmw key directly ..
  • EGS synchronization code between CAS and ECU recovery - new special function 
  • * Ability for replacement of EGS (used and new parts). Automatic synchronization with ECU and CAS- new special function 
  • Improved control unit coding functions
  • Engine control unit type MEDV70 ISN read by diagnostic

AVDI Abrites Commander for BMW, MINI is a PC - Windows based diagnostic software for dealer level access to the vehicle (identification, trouble codes and s.o.), calibration, key programming, programming vehicle order. Tool can access CAS1, CAS2, CAS3 and CAS3+ by OBDII independend from the firmware of the CAS. Also you can perform unusual for for other diagnostic tools operations with the electronic modules inside of the vehicle like programming Vehicle Order and Coding of electronic control units. Access to the memory of the units in the vehicle. Covers vehicles BMW series starting from E36 up to latest models F series (F01,F10,F20,F25 and s.o.).

Functions included in the base package (AVDI interface)

  • Identification (VIN, mileage, production data)
  • Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (current, history and shadow)
  • Added DTCs in 17 languages: English, German, French, Thai, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Indonesian, Korean, Greek, Turkish, Chinese, Chinese traditional, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese. DTC conditions information (Odometer value, Timestamp, full engine status report for EDC17)
  • Some DTCs (mostly those of the F series) are given detailed documentation of what caused the problem and how the problem should be handled
  • Measured values/live data
  • Entering and leaving from logistic mode of the modules in the vehicle
  • Synchronization DME/DDE and EWS/CAS, CAS and ELV
  • Enable / Disablie of the keys
  • Enable / Disablie of TV function for E3x,E46,E5x,E83,E85,E86 (for the next bodies available via unit coding)
  • Ability for diagnostic on internal CAN buses
  • Displaying KEY CUTTING code (mechanical code) stored in CAS modules
  • EBRIDGE/Passthru - Compatibility with BMW - E-Sys, DIS, INPA, EDIABAS, NCS Expert, NFS over K-line and CAN bus

Special functions:

Car Access System Advanced Coding - Programming identification of the units, user information fields, read/write memory of the units
Programming keys for vehicles equipped with CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+ by OBDII or cas/dash plug. Programming mileage stored in CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+ by OBDII. Read/update ConfData of CAS2/CAS3 by cas/dash plug

  • Programming identification of the modules in the vehicle *
  • Programming User Information Fields in the electronic modules *
  • Read / Write of memory of the electronic control modules *
  • Program mileage stored in CAS1, CAS2 and CAS3 by OBDII
  • Program keys by OBDII - CAS1, CAS2 and CAS3 systems - support latest versions CAS3 updated in 2013 year
  • Key programming for CAS3+ with latest firmware version (ISTA-P 48)
  • Read / Update ConfData from CAS1 via OBDII
  • Read / Update ConfData from CAS2/CAS3 via dash connector or cas-connector
  • Read / Calibrate data stored in different electronic control units by OBDII like ECU, EGS, SGM, JBBF and many others
  • Extracting and programming syncrhonization code between ECU and CAS by OBDII
  • Ability to works together with transponder programmer
    * Not granted for all type of control modules.

Electronic Gearbox System synchronization - Perform synchronization/recovery between CAS, EGS and ECU

Advanced Coding Functionality - Reading and programming vehicle order data, reprogramming flash memory of all electronic
control units,E-series unit coding

  • Service intervals/CBS - ability for programming of service counters by OBDII
  • Programming flash memory of all elcronic control units by OBDII (can be used directly datbases released from BMW)
  • Read and Program Engine Control Unit flash memory for tunning purposes by OBDII
  • Programming Vehicle Order data (you can add new units to configuration of the vehicle) - E body
  • Coding (configuration) of each electronic control unit in the vehicle - E body
  • Read / Update mileage from the IKE, LCM, EWS, ECU, ABS, VTG, EGS (please refer covarage list)
  • Manager of service intervals, reset service reminders (CBS)

AVDI use manual download link :


1.Which software is include?

  BMW V10.4 + ONE FREE software ($430)+ TAG key tool + Hyundai V2.1

    Any questions ..You can contact to talk more about the details.

2.How about update?

   Every model we provide free update.Update methods:Tell us your Device SN,we will send you the update paclage.

onestorebuy site mapone store buy site map

3.First time buy one,next time want a new software.

   If you first time buy one software,next time you want a new software.And you don`t need a more unit.Contact,we will provide a Discount


Main features:

  1. Compatible with all diagnostic software produced from our company
  2. SAE J2534 compliant driver available for our interfaces
  3. Compatible with many 3rd party diagnostic software
  4. Supporting external communication link with transponder programmer and IC programmer
  5. Compatibility with Toyota/Lexus/Scion Techstream
  6. Compatibility with Honda/Acura HDS
  7. Compatibility with Volvo VIDA
  8. Compatibility with DAS/Xentry - Star Diagnosis
  9. Compatibility with Ford Scanner
  10. Compatibility with BMW - DIS over K-line and CAN bus
  11. Compatibility with BMW - E-Sys, INPA, EDIABAS, NCS Expert, NFS over K-line and CAN bus
  12. Compatibility with Rover/Jaguar IDS
  13. Compatibility with Subaru Select Monitor III
  14. Compatibility with Bombardier diagnostic software
  15. Compatibility with GM - Tech2Win diagnostic software
  16. Compatibility with HYUNDAI GDS
  17. Compatibility with KIA GDS


Technical specification:

1. K-line ISO 9141 (100 mA) multiplexed to 24 different pins of the diagnostic connector 

2. ISO14230 compliant 

3. Single wire CAN bus multiplexed to different pins of diagnostic connector 

4. Dual wire low speed CAN bus multiplexed to different pins of diagnostic connector 

5. Dual wire high speed CAN bus multiplexed to different pins of diagnostic connector 

6. CAN bus GMLAN, ISO14229, ISO15765, J1939, ISO22901 compliant 

7. USB interface to the PC 

8. Supply voltage 8..30V DC 

9. OBDII cable 

10. Updatable firmware 

AVDI photos:


:BMW V10.4















More detals of other cars for AVDI please contact us to get the manual.

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Hi can you give me your best price for the avdi full package many thanks Barry
June 12, 2014
Our sales will contact you. Best Regards xcar360
Hi will your software sync egs from a e70 bmw x5? Br pedro Faia
January 2, 2016
yes friend It is works on E70 BMW X5 best regards steven
hi question.are u just seller or providing the tecnical support too? are these special function activated? and can u change the mileage with this tool? i wanna buy it but i m between u n there is a website, i need to buy from one of you, i m also worrying about the updates, do u ha e any website?what is the best price
March 1, 2016
Hi,friend we only provide install support all special function activated yes can do mileage function we provide free update online
i saw the price 829$ when i wanna buy it show 850$ can u fix that issue? how do u ship to new jersey? how long does it take ?and is the update lifetime? maybe you can send me payment request to my paypal
March 2, 2016
OK, my friend i will send you payment request it is unlimted version
is this fly model ?
March 30, 2016
Hi,friend Yes, this is FLY mode

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