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Audi Multimedia Keys-E380 Circuit Board (with Navigation)


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Audi A6L Q7 MMI control system of the vehicle entertainment system is a very important human switching control unit, on the Audi, this control mechanism is named as E380, a separate control unit, due to the installation location, design and other factors, MMI often appear out of control, control switch system failure, MMI does not start, function selection key failure and many other issues, there is a serious discharge, MMI system suspended animation, black screen after startup, failures and other control options menu.

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E380 Audi A6L/Q7, 2G and 3G version of multimedia system control panels, circuit board sub-navigation with navigation and without two types can be backward compatible with navigation without navigation board, on the contrary can not . After loading without having any matching and programming features, direct installation. Since the installation location of E380 and product design and other reasons, resulting in E380 often damaged, damaged fault performance, display a black screen, one or more key failure, the volume can not be adjusted, the keyboard illumination does not shine at night and so on.


The failure to control the switching mechanism multi-E380 is damaged, replace the switch assembly directly price of about 800USD. After the cause of the failure of some water, after repair can not guarantee the quality, the site direct A6L Q7 models with MMI control switch bare board E380. Users simply remove E380 from the car, the shell separation, directly replace the original car site bare board switch circuit board can be installed. Stable performance, reliable quality and low cost. Regardless of the owners, or the maintenance companies, are economical and practical maintenance program.


PART NUMBER: 4F1919611

Applicable Vehicles: Audi A6L 2005-2011 all models and all 2010 Audi Q7.

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1. How do you know your Audi Q7 control unit E380 is broken? 

2. Multimedia System E380 Simple Parameters

3. Why choose Shumatt Audi Q7 Multimedia system E380?

4. E380 Multimedia System Bare Board Analysis Graphics

5. How to remove E380 control and install correctly?

6. FAQ

7. Multimedia Control Head E380 Pictures Show:

1. How do you know your Audi Q7 control unit E380 is broken? 

1. Due to the installation location, design, and other factors, it will appear MMI lose control,

2. Manipulation switch system failure,

3. Manipulation switch system failure,

4. Function Select button failure and many other issues.


5. Discharge serious

6. MMI system suspended animation,

7. Black screen after startup,

8. Manipulation of select menu malfunctioning, etc.

2. Multimedia System E380 Simple Parameters

Suitable Car Model: Audi  Q7

Suitable Audi System: Immobilizer Multimedia system

Model: E380

3. Why choose Shumatt Audi Q7 Multimedia system E380?

1. Stable performance, reliable quality and low cost.

2. If Part of the water after the cause of the failure, Maintenance cannot guarantee the quality.

3.Shumatt selling Q7 models MMI manipulation E380 switching bare board directly, Users only need to removed E380 from the car, separation from the shell, use our bare board replace the original car switch board directly.

Whether the owners of the repair business, is a compromise solution.

Volume of E380:20 x 13 x 5(cm)

FAQ of Audi Q7 Multimedia System MMI console unit E380 bare board with navigation:



Q: I have a 2007 Audi Q7. There was a water spill on the center console where the knob is and now the red backlit lights are not working and also the control knob is not working. I was wondering how much it would be to fix and if anyone has had the same problem please let me know thanks!

A: You can buy one Audi Q7 E380 ecu board and install it yourself for ~$125. It is quite simple.


Q: Due to board problems with central selector on MMI due to light diodes shifting out after a spill, I need a new board for the model Audi above.

A: If your AUDI Q7 with navigation system, yeah, you will need this board with navigation to solve your problem!


Q: Will this Audi Q7 Multimedia System MMI control unit E380 bare board with navigation work with a US Market Q7 MY2007? I spilled coffee and the multifunction knob no longer functions.

A: Yeah, it can be solved easily by exchange a new board. AUDI Q7 2007 board has 2 models: With GPS or Without GPS, how about your car?


Q: I have audi q7 year 2008. 3.6 model. Quattro and Right HAND DRIVE (just like UK and ). My audi q7 is used Audi imported from JAPAN. I would like to buy just one unit WITH GPS. My MMI unit is 3g and for use with RIGHT HAND DRIVE CAR. (no LHD like). My car has navigation . so I want the Navigation control unit to be fixed to my Right Hand Drive Audi Quattro

A: Yeah, this Audi board will work with your car, you will need to choose the GPS version, thanks!

Q:  I have a 2007 Audi q7 with MMI part # 4LO-919-410-B and I need the board for that unit since the LED lights have stopped working.   Do you sell the correct board for this unit? It has Navigation... > Thank you, > Paul 

A: Yes, your problem can be solved by change a new board.

Q: Do you know if I will need to have the board programmed for my car or will it simply "plug and play" once I install it?

A:You will no need to have the board programmed. Just change it and it will work well.

4. E380 Multimedia System Bare Board Analysis Graphics

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