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If you plug 4D CLONING TOOL device in USB port first time operation system offer to install the driver of located device.

Choose the manual installation method with point of driver directory (it is 2nd method). Point the directory to folder "FTDI / driver " from CD. If you have done everything correctly, then the operation system will confirm that the new device already installed and ready to work.

Detect the number of USB port in which you plug in the 4D CLONING TOOL device. Click by right button on "My computer " icon. Choose "System property -> equipment->devices manager ". Open "Ports (COM and LPT) ".

The virtual COM port of device connection will located like "USB Serial Port ".
The copy works for keys used on the vehicles indicated in the specifications attached to this document, or accessible through the INFO button in the 4D CLONING TOOL program.
Start the "4D CLONING TOOL PROGRAM " from the Menu:
Start Programs 4D Cloning TOOL Program of the "4D CLONING TOOL " type of device in your possession which it is connected, then click on that the program can detect the communication. If the version of the not up to date, a special message update.

Make sure the device is on, connected to the PC by the serial port, and the display shows "CONNECTED TO THE PC ".For the device to operate properly, do not place it close to the PC monitor, PC, power input point, or other electric equipment that generates magnetic fields.
When the program has detected the device click on the "Start " button on the same video screen:Every time the "Start"  button is pressed the settings selected will be saved on the disk.Follow the instructions on the PC video, complete with illustrations and short descriptions of the operations to be carried out at each step.

1) Throughout the entire operation the device must be connected to the PC in the "CONNECTED TO PC " mode.
2) Duration of the entire operation varies from some tens of seconds to some minutes, according to the key to be copied and the power of the computer used.

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Robert (Posted on 2011-07-19)
this is so great, it has beyond my expectation, strongly recommended.
William (Posted on 2011-06-15)
Yeah, exactly what i need for my car, nice product, thx.

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Dear Sir or Madam, Please let me know ASAP if you sell a device called :4D CLONING Key TOOL,because I have an Immo key that has the chip Philips PCF7935AS and I would like to make 2 more keys from it ( 4D CLONING Key TOOL) identical with the one I already have. I would appreciate an immediate response. Many thanks. Regards, Ilias
June 27, 2012
Dear sir, Hello, glad to inform you that just $60.00 you'll get the 4D CLONING Key TOOL from our online store. You may clone one copy for your key, with the same function. Thanks. Best regards'
with this equipment can copy any key chip doing the same as you have available? and it can make more keys identical?
June 25, 2012
Dear sir, thank you so much for your question. Of course, 4D CLONING TOOL PROGRAM is used to MAKE A COPY OF A KEY, with the same function! Best regards

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